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I used to love this truck, but since it hit 90,000 miles, I have had to replace the PCM three times...and it still just randomly stalls. Many times the truck will just crank right back up and run fine for a day or two before it starts turning itself off again...even at highway speeds. I have had over $3k in repairs replacing everything...but to no avail. The truck now has 105,000 miles on it of which only 17k miles have been put on it in the last 3 and a half years. Truck still looks great and has been well taken care of, but keeps shutting off no matter how much I spend trying to get it fixed. Any suggestions?
Love this car!
Brakes are the only thing I have spent $$ on, outside of routine maintenance. AC has been balky a few times, needing repairs.
Good mileage.
I just pick up a 2004 Taurus with 24 v DOHC 3.0v6. for 5000$ 66K Miles in excellent condition
this will be my 3 Ford Taurus , my first was back in 1990 it was call sable it was my first Front Wheel Drive and I did not change the transmission fluid when I should have and transmission went out at 90,000 miles . I replaced the transmission for about 1,800$ and drove it for another 100,000 .

I bought a used 2001 ford ses Taurus it was program car with about 2000 miles . It is now has 200K on it and still runs like a new car . I change oil 3000 miles Transmission fluid every 30K. and I hope it makes 300k my son drives it every day to school .
If I get this kind service out of the 2004 Taurus I will be a very happy owner
So far it has been a reliable car.
My E86 Z4 M Coupe is an awesome driving machine that is equally at home on the street and the track. Steering is precise and handling is superb. This high-strung machine is not for everyone as the ride is rather harsh.
I purchased this 1996 v-6 convertible new and have 110,000 mi on it. The only unusual repairs have been 2 expensive AC problems and a complete valve job due to a bad timing belt replacement (out of warranty). I have not fixed the defective odometer / tachometer as it does tell me the mileage every week or so. Electrics are lousy, but easily repaired at home. I love the car, but the ride is very sensitive to low tire pressure and the automatic transmission is sloppy / mushy. Great gas mileage (19-26) and great comfort on long trips. Oh yeah, and I got the Bose sound system - great. Reading Consumer Reports, I feel like i lucked out.
I bought a 2000 V8 AWD from a reputable dealer, and in general it's fun to drive, gives me a great view of surrounding traffic, and has good power. However... First off, I'm in MD but the beast has a CA emissions system... so my mileage in normal driving hovers around 14.5MPG or less. In the first 2 years I owned it, the repair bills totaled just shy of $5K, and I never know which part of the electrical system will mysteriously stop working (or mysteriously restart) under which circumstances. The front end's been rebuilt twice (the mechanic's comment was "Oh, yeah, I do a few of these each month"), and I have to always make sure I'm actually going in a straight line. Also, on those occasions when it chooses to work, the rear window wiper often jams up under the window glass when it first starts so I have to get out & pull it loose (and no one has ever been able to get it to clear the full sweep of the window). The only reason I've kept the beast is the cost of a new vehicle vs. the idea that "okay, maybe THIS time we cleared up the problems..." I'm willing to check out the newest Mountaineer with a jaundiced eye, but I wouldn't touch an older one with a 10-foot pole, sorry...
I've had this car 11 years has 152K on it and only had to do minor maintance, oil changes, brake, tires, tune up etc. great car for the money, it's been good to me for sure.
I bought this car for my daughter to go to school and work. It had 45,000 miles on it-was a "cute" looking car. Less than 2 years later-the timing belt went and blew the engine. We've had issues from the start with the transmission, cooling system, brakes and suspension. My mechanic labeled the car "a piece of crap-not worth fixing". Had taken it to Kia dealer multiple times while under warranty for possible engine issues with the standard "nothing wrong found" response- till the belt blew and the car was a total loss-with $4000 still owed. DO NOT BUY A KIA!
car gets doesn't get more then 25 mpg. ABS breaks arn't programmed correctly. 1st time I had to step on my breaks on wet road, pedal went to floor and had no breaks. Heard factory can reprogram computer but instead I pulled the fuse for abs. Now it works fine without.
I bought this car in 2005 with 42,000. I paid $17,200. I now have 160,000 miles and it has been a fabulous car. I replaced the timing belt at 90,000 and the brakes at 120,000. I have replaced summer tires once and just bought my second set of snow tires. The car rides like new. Tight steering, smooth and quiet ride. Plenty of power. Since day one it has been prone to leaking a little oil. Turns out it is an oil seal that requires major labor expenses to get to. I add a quart of oil between changes. It is a pretty inexpensive solution. I agree the dealer is an expensive way to keep the car maintained, but I have a local guy who is capable. I have a couple of big ticket items coming up. Catalytic converters, and soon another new timing belt. Also, the struts can't last for ever, although they seem fine right now. Those will all total about $2800. But they are maintenance items, not something "going wrong". I am hoping to get 300,000 miles out of the car. The body and paint are perfect.
My Montego is also getting a new transmission, after just 67,000 miles! What a hassle.
Beware the CVT transmission....had I fully understood the "experimental" nature of the CVT, I would not have purchased this vehicle.
Have loved this car, but have had multiple problems with heating and A/C which seem continually to be in need of repair.
We bought our Durango Limited with the 5.7 Hemi in August, 2004. The truck now has almost 60,000 miles. We have no maintenance issues to speak of other than a cruise control issue that was resolved with a computer update. So far we have replaced one set of tires and performed one brake job. Like everyone else, I wish the fuel mileage were better, but hey, its a HEMI! I would buy another one of these and recommend this vehicle to anyone. It is to bad that Dodge has elected to terminate production. It is and was one of the best U.S. manufactured SUV's in the market and one of the least expensive as well when you consider the "bang for the buck" the machine has to offer.
Love my car except Air conditioning
Overall an excellent compact car. Bought new in 2006 in California. Had a couple problems with car that were taken care of promptly by Mazda;

1. Clutch was defective right out of the box. With only 24 miles on the car (driven by a person who has had a couple m/t cars before), the clutch broke.
2. #3 engine mount broke at around 29K miles, requiring replacement of the front axles and the mount. I would suggest having the dealer take a look at your car for this - it's a Ford motor mount so quality is questionable.

Besides those problems, the car has been great. Handling is responsive and the car is very easy to drive. Engine is powerful enough for a small car but if you like performance then the 2.3 or 2.5L is a better choice.
Good vehicle that does almost everything a full size truck can do but still fits in a standard two car garage. I have towed filled trailers across the Rockies during the hottest part of the summer with ease, but it is still my daily driver.

The rear differential of this vehicle (at least in the 2003 model year) has a flaw that will go unnoticed until you are broken on the side of the highway, unless you change your own differential fluids. When I did this at 30K miles I noticed large metal shavings and took it in to the dealer. It was covered under warranty, but if I didn't do my own minor repair work, this would have gone unnoticed until the rear differential self destructed.
I have a 2005 PT Cruiser and love her. Great gas mileage, comfortable and cozy. Never a problem until now. My brake lights will not come on. If any one know how to fix it please write back.
When I have this one payed off I'll get another it is that good!
No major problems except those associated with age. Decent work horse, not fancy, could be more comfortable for taller drivers. Not crazy about the steering, always seemed a little loose but they use a special valve steering system so it's okay, my wife has no issues with it.
Overall, I love this car and what it's done for me except for the following things that were more major than usual things.
While still new I had front discs replaced too many times due to warping. Dealer told me after the 5th set that I needed the rear brakes done as well. Forget that! I went to a speed shop near my home for them to check out the brakes. The rotors were indeed warped again due to heat build up. He asked me when the rear brakes were replaced and they hadn't been. The answer to the problem? The rear brakes were still in factory condition because they never touched the drums. They were never set in all the time Mitsu had the car.
A/C compressor issue. It took over a week when my car hit 178k and the compressor seized. It took over a week because the compressor the dealer put in the car before I bought it didn't belong to a Galant ES. My mechanic finally found one on a website in Ohio that fit like a glove but sounds like it belongs in a truck. I had to take it, it's Florida and you need air in the cars.
Great Vehicle! It is the second in a row that we have owned and it has always performed well.
I own the fabled 500sel w140, it is a smooth ride!
lovelovelove this car! i will never ever sell this car ever!:)
I have had this car for awhile now. Purchased used, 89K, and it seems to be a decent car for what its worth. It sometimes has a slightly rough gear shifting, and I need to replace 2 motor mounts, which could definitely contribute to this. But, other than that, I like it. Would consider re-buying.
this has been a very good car-need to keep tires rotate and they won't cup-2.0 sohc engine may drop valve seat and ruin engine with no warning
usually after 140-150 thousand miles but can happen earlier

overall not a bad car at all-remember this is not a lincoln.
I love my car
pretty good car,but hard on gas.
2006 Envoy just clipped 70k. Love this truck & will drive it as long as it last. Fuel gauge failed while under warranty. Just had to replace front right wheel bearing that was most likely from my driving. Two dealers had a price difference of $200, so I just ordered one online and replaced myself, easier than changing brakes and saved myself a bundle of cash. I love this truck. The one thing GM got right was there truck lineup.
Bought my 1999 in 2009 for $5,500 with only 23k miles! It's been a great car for the money. I'm doing repairs myself which include servicing the window switch, plugs and wires. Serpentine belt. Had a problem with water collecting in 2 of the plug wells which turned out to be a recognized problem. The fix is to add a Barns leak pellet to the cooling system. That could be a major problem down the road? I don't know. That's why I'm giving just 3 stars for the engine. Other than that, the engine has been reliable. Had some vibration noise which turned out to be the head light assemblies vibrating. Put some rubber around the edges. Quieted down significantly. Changed trans fluid and filter at 30k and the trans continues to be trouble free. I like the car.