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very great car.i simply LOVE major repairs just normal and brakes just done turned 30k miles.brakes werent bad but figured better to replace them.and the mileage is unbelievable.i can get 425 out of a tank driving 65-70.its been a great car since day one.the interior noise stopped when i got the new tires.the old ones were the pirellis and they were lower profile.put goodyear gt's on it and the sound quieted down ALOT.
hahhahahhahahhaha you serious.a ford the worst car youve ever owned.ahahhahahahhaha thats a good neidhbor has one of these Killed In Action's.the worst POS on the planet.its had 6 batteries 4 alternators and 4 transmissions.his friends mom has the same pos and the same problems.and there is no warranty.not to mention the airbags went off for no reason.nobody was in the car but he went to use the keyless entry and pop the airbags went off LMAO.dont buy a killed in action buy a FORD.
I purchased this car 7 years ago from a dear friend in Florida. It is a Marlin Signature Series and had 63,000 mi on it at the time. It now has only 103,000 since we do not drive it much. It is truly an exceptional riding vehicle. Although it is "older", everyone wants me to drive since it is so comfortable and spacius inside. You can't compare the heaviness to the newer cars manufactured today. Never have had problems with it at all and maintain service every 3000 miles. It gets 23 M.P.G. on trips and 17 in city. The air suspension is leaking now and will require replacement but this is truly a remarkable car.
Great Car
I love my 2009 Aura. I have 16K miles on it and I haven't even owen it a full year. The only thing I don't like about it is the cup holders. They don't hold 20 oz bottles very well. The main thing I love about my car is the ride. It is so smooth and corners like a dream. I tend to have a lead foot and drive fast so the StabliTrack comes in handy. The car is very quiet too.
Truck handles ok. From day 1, I've had a problem with tire bounce. To-date, this problem hasn't been found or resolved. Ok truck for the buck. In my opinion, a Nissan Frontier has the BEST bang for your buck. My next purchase will be a Nissan purchase.
ther than mentioned above. All else is ok.
Dome Light switch problem. Replaced. Engine pick up is lacking. Cannot use cruise control going up hill. It with go into passing gear.
Evap Canistor went out at 16,000 miles. Steering problems pulls to right or left. Was told not to rotate tires, it was a tire problem. Car had less than 1,000 miles. Pontiac refused to replace tires. A/C does not cool car down as quickly as I would like. Tint in windshield is spotted and not covered in warranty. This car is more Toyota than GM. I thought I was buying a GM vehicle and I have learned that Toyota and GM engineers put a lot of Toyota parts in this car. My last 8 vehicles are GM and this is big disappointment. Gas mileage is between 28 and 32 mpg. The red interior lighting will give you a headache if you drive a lot at night. Steering is too tight and you can feel every bump in the road. I've driven this car for 3 years. It has disappointed me since the first month. It is not a typical GM product. IF all you want is a car that gets good gas mileage then this car will get you that. GM should have kept this car in its line-up and re-engineered it with GM parts and improved upon its weaknesses.
Works great under warranty, but very expensive to repair. Mine is 8 years old and I am no longer seeing value in repairing it as I could buy a new car for what it has cost me to repair it recently. Mostly wear and tear items. But for several years I was having to repair cam engine valves (?maybe?) where the engine was leaking oil. Not a cheap repair and it happened 4 times (twice was under the 1 yr parts/labor warranty from the previous repair).
I have had my Paseo Convertible for 10 years. Had 15,000 miles when I bought it. It has 133,000 miles on it now. Change oil regularly and some minor repairs. It has been a great second car. Still gets 29 to 32 MPG. AC went out this August 2009. Heater runs great as does the car.
Excellent vehicle, all around
I bought my 1995 Celica less then a year ago, it has 100k miles on it and still ran great. Outside of a tune up I have had no issues out of her. I would not give her up, love the pep the GT model has with only a 1.8 in it
from canada british columbia. I owned the corolla gts with the high output 4-AGE. It is quit the car. It is faster than you think and has a great sound. Also, maintanance is rather easy but parts are not very readily availible in the performance area. It is a freaking awesome car. Everyone i let drive it also commented on how smooth and soild the car felt with 240,000 km on it.
im from canada. Its a great engine and nice car. The rings wear out at 225,000 km (170,000miles) if you dont do proper maintanace. the engine sludges up if you do oil changes over 2800 miles. the rings are a sludge problem so engine flushes (dont use solvent based) are a must every 30,000 km. great power and smoothnes from engine and top of the line handeling at all speeds.
One ton van used for wheelchair duty so it carries one or two wheelchair folk and one driver and maybe another passenger so not carrying much weight. I was told by dealer and independent that having to do upper and lower ball joints and one control arm at 43k not unusual. I:t was under Warrenty ,so not so bad. But now, at 70k it is starting to clunk again. A/c has had frequent breakdowns from blower under dash, to fan only works on highspeed, to rear a/c out again, parts can take 2 weeks for dealer to get ( and that was in 2003!!)

Its a big box and can haul lots of stuff. Front seats are fine takes forever to stop but its a big box. Ran it across desert in cross winds to Ca coast and it did fine at 70+mph.
has a 411 rear and big V8 wanted the limited slip and only way to get it so it gets about 11mpg
dealer takes the Ram in name seriously rammed it twice while in for service warentey over so now go to independent guy. He is much easier to deal with than 2 dealers I tried.
I have a 1997 F-150 3 door with the small v-8
I also have a 2007 F-150 Standard cab with v-6

The ride in the 97 is great all day without kidney damage.
2007= kidney damage and it the steering is very twitchy

97 v8 gets 16-17mpg 07 v6 gets 15-16 smaller rougher less power and less mileage.

So why does american cars need a bail out? 10 years newer and not as comfortable or efficient as the 97
both trucks are pretty basic models automatic a/c crank windows that should still work at 200,000 miles 97 is at 180k and still riding fine.
I still like the 07 but it is not as good as the one 10 yrs older :
I bought my cruiser new and have had it for 4 years. It has about 52K miles on it, and at about 48K we started having problems. In the last 4 months, we've replaced the radiator, front wheel bearings, control arms, and it needs new CV joints which are on back order. The only saving grace to all of this is the Chrysler extended service contract I bought -- it has covered every single thing they've had to do on our car. But I will not buy another Chrysler/Dodge product.
We bought the truck because my old s-10 just didn't have enough room. Beings we were having ower son. I wish I would have bought a 4x4 model to get a little higher ground clearance. I still don't get why earlier models had fog lights and trailer lights hook up. But I'm not complaining about the truck, it's a great running truck for a young family. My wife uses it as her daily driver. I've had family members who sat in the back and didn't complain about not enough leg room like I've heard from s-10 owers and other small truck owners out there.
put front brake pads in February at 165,000 changed wires, plugs, cap & rotor at 180,000 handles great in town & on highway
This is one of the best cars that I have ever owned. I now have 32k miles on it and the only problem was with one of the rotors becoming warped which the warranty covered. Gas milage is 34 on highway & 23 around the city.
We bought our 2002 Camry SE new in October of 2002. The car must have been someplace and the acid rain had all the flat surfaces marked. The dealership tried to do something with it, but it was a lost cause. My wife hit a deer with it and that got the hood, right front fender and right side door repainted. The bodyshop buffed out the entire car and the marked sections looked good.....for a while. The car has 54K miles on it now and I just replaced the rotors and pads and belts. The rotors were rusted so bad the car had a shimmy like a wheel being out of balance. I replaced the rotors with Centric rotors. They have a coating that supposed to stave off the rust. Here in Western Pennsylvania they use salt and anti skid like there's no tomorrow ! The car had a oxygen sensor go out early and that's been the extent of any problems. We bought a new Hyundai Azera in the fall of 2007, so the Camry is now mine. We wanted another Camry but couldn't deal with Toyota at all. Every winter I put on a set of 4 Blizzaks on steel rims and the car acts like it has 4WD !
MY suburban has 216,780 miles on it and it is still going strong. I love this truck, most reliable vechicle I have ever owned. The body is in overall great shape to for a 96
I got this car from my sister. IT runs great and gets good gas milage.
I have a 1994 Grand Cherokee with 138,000 miles. I bought it new. I have not had any mechanical problems until the last 2 years. This my second Cherokee (the first one was a 1997) and I have loved them both.
I bought this car at 20K mileage in 2004. I am now at 93.5K five years later. I have always had any required maintanence done and in a timely manner, including all the oil changes. According to the records from my dealer, who has done all of my repairs and maintenance since purchase, some sort of tranny work was done prior to my purchase. The tranny went again just prior to my extended warranty end mileage of 75K (whew). The gas gauge stopped working properly and had to be replaced. Other than that I think I've pretty much just had to have brake work, front end alignment and those types of things as normal repair/maintenance over the life of my car. City mpg 20 - 22 and Highway mpg 27 - 29. It has on the high end of decent pickup power when passing. Overall I'm pleased with the performance of this vehicle. I like being able to put one or both of the back seats forward to put longer items in the trunk/back seat so I don't have to find someone with a truck to bring home something tall that I can lift myself. It's a decent car and my dealer does a good job of taking care of it so I expect it to last several years yet.
Parts are all expensive but the all-time all wheel drive is worth it all. The turbo has lots of snap and the police love to use their radar on me. The dealer was hard to work with.
I HAVE A 2003 S10 zr2
Great little truck, 4.3 l engine is decent on gas and has good power.
suspension is good except for the ball joints wearing out. Gm should have used better intake gaskets. antilock brakes not working due to wheel bearings going out. all these are common problems i have read about on other forums.
We bought this car with 10,000 miles on it in 2004. We now have 62000 miles. The only problem we have had was in 2007,took her to a franchised service center,never again,anyway,Took them three hours to change the plugs(actual work) and they cross-threaded one plug. I didn't know it until a year later when the Chev dealer showed it to me
.. She was running on 5 and 1/2 cylinders all that time,like one cylinder wasn't up to speed..and we thought she was in tiptop condition. We are going to keep her untill,well ever
All wheel drive computer shot (twice) comfort control computer shot ($500) passeneger side wheel hub out (twice). Transmission shot ($2,000). Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, it'seen a fine GM automobile.
This car is one of the worst cars I've ever owned! Piece of crap.