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My first and last volkswagen! I researched carefully and thought there might be electrical problems (there were many + cruise failed twice and very expensive to repair I finally gave up on 3rd failure). I wanted a diesel engine for the higher mileage and fuel savings. I serviced it meticulously at VW dealership (timing belt, all servicing done right on schedule). Car engine dropped a valve at 180,000 km left me and my young children stranded in the middle of a packed 6 lane highway (needed emergency rescue to exit car to safety). VW offered nothing except offer to let me buy another new car from them (no deals)...I bought this car brand new and always VW serviced it...expected a lot more. I always had Hondas before and they were still running like a charm (no oil even being used) at 240,000 km+ with a gasoline engine. I have since heard that one can expect anything with VW made after 2004....German engineering made in Mexico is not the same. VW is a great little car as long as you do not mind buying it several times over and over and over again!
My wife bought the car new. Now has 71K miles. No need to change the oil, just the filter. It needs one quart of oil every 1000 miles. Loud engine, shakes very bad. Horn will sound for no reason then burn out (on my third horn). Automatic shifting is terribble, 3 sec hesitation when engine is cold. No heat in the winter. Need to fill tires up with air every three weeks, factor rims suck. Repair records are thicker than my Bible. Bergstrom Saturn Dealer is useless, the car will need to be brought into the shop at least three times before problem will be solved. I would never buy a Saturn again. The only good thing about this car is IT IS PAID FOR.
Over all this is a GREAT car. My second one , I didn't really like Fords because of the old saying ( Found On Road Dead ) or ( Fix Or Repair Daily ) those are all lies..This bird is dress to impress and Power to go anywhere at anytime..
I bought the SUV used at 68000. It now has 90000. Had the manifold replaced and some tie rod work. The a/c will need correction this summer ('10) as well as the fan switch. The SUV rides like a truck - typically bumpy, but the AWD is fantastic - never had a problem getting through snow or sleet. The power steering requires high effort, but tracks straight. I've had the SUV for 5 years now and it runs great. No engine/tran problems. All electrics work fine (except as noted.) Body has no rust.
Overall, I'm happy with this convertible. Looks good, rides well after 80000. Convertible top is strong, but has some excessive wear at a spot on the side. Rear window defroster contact points easily broken - poor design. Engine runs exceptionally quietly and the transmission is smooth. Only an oil light problem (solved via TSB) and a thermistat problem in 80000. Electro-luminescent dash had to be replaced at 36000, but no problems since. Front end weak. replaced tie rods, control arms. Chrome wheels rust, causing tire pressure leaks around the bead. Car finish is great. Very few rattles creaks at 80000. Good stereo except door speakers rattle when bass is high.
BTW, we have 2 Sebring 'verts. The other is a 2001. This, too, rides smoothly, looks good and has no engine/trans issues. Only the rear window defroster has been a big pain - the contacts breaking frequently.
I agree with all the praise of this vehicle. Unfortunately after 192500 I noticed it started running hot. Three days ago it overheated due to no coolant. Filled the radiator and the next day the truck will not start. I checked the oil- and it seems to be mixed with the coolant. (chocalate-brown runny fluid). Advise on internet says blwon head gasket or even a cracked head. OUCH!!!! any advise!!!!!!!
Quick... This car will take you on down the street in a hurry.
I hardly ever have to use the "Sport Mode" button, just step on the gas and hold on.
I loved this car when i 1st bought it, i am at 74,000 miles. 4000 over my warranty and the transmission is gone along with 2 motor mounts, nissan of north america had a terrible way of responding to my calls (never) !!!! and denied any help whats so ever. After paying $43,000 for my car its going to cost me $5,100 to repair, I just dont have that kind of money laying around, I exspected allot more from this car, i am truly heartbroken and dont recommend anyone by a nissan due to quality and service provided by the company.
Great car. Well balanced. Good comfort.
I an selling and purchasing a new Audi A4 after only 35,000 miles.
TIRE NOISE. Dealer suggested 528xi at $50K to solve THEIR problem.
Have loved BMW since 2004, 2002. Enjoyed the 335xi and am going crazy with tire noise which BMW does not care to address.
Good buy? No.

Great Car. I have the Elantra GT 5-door and it came with ABS, Traction Control, CD Player, Sunroof, Leather seats, side airbags for around 13K new. Nice and sporty looking and can carry more cargo than the one with the trunk. Almost 100K on the car and the only compaints are:

1. Brake rotors needed resurfacing after 12K so I put on a racing brake kit at 30K and have not had to replace rotors or pads since.
2. Clutch goes at 40K, so get an automatic or a racing clutch to save yourself $1K every 40K to replace the clutch. The clutch is normal wear and tear so it is not covered under the warrenty.
Despite the fact that I normally only advocate performance, exotic, and luxury vehicles, I love the hell out of this car. (I call it Casey) I bought this car salvaged, and the only major problem I've had since owning this car is the fabric on the roof peeling off a bit. I'm ashamed to say that I treat this car like crap, rarely taking it in for regular maintenence, and performing oil changes only when well overdue, but this car still performs like new, outpacing some luxury vehicles and effortlessly pulling 120 degree turns on the side of a canyon at 35 MPH (not recommended in any car if you value your life). When this car took a straight on collision from the rear at 30, the only damage a SKILLED mechanic could find was a hair-sized scratch on the bumper. This car still continues amazes me, and if you can find one with less than 150k on it at a good price, do yourself a favor and buy it.
I have a 2003 Expedition that I bought used in 2004, with 11,000 miles on it. It now has 110,000 miles and I still love it. I have had very few problems with it, and nothing out of the ordinary. WELL worth the tradeoff as far as gas mileage, this is the best vehicle I've ever owned. I'll drive it till it falls apart!
over all this is a wonderful car....if maintanance is kept up lexus will last forever!
I have the C230 with the sport package 7 speed automatic transmission with a v6 24 valve. I previously owned a 1994 Corvette. What a contrast. I find the C230 a sweet running car with sports car handling. Brakes stop on a dime and the mileage is 26 to 30 mpg. Talk about quiet, the stereo is fantastic and at low volume, I could hear any note. Very smooth ride with some road feel. All the other amenities work like a top luxury car. Although I do not have the brute power of the Vette, the power is very satisfactory for all driving situations.

Great cost for a smaller luxury car.

bill reno, nv
I have had my xterra for almost 4 years now and have never had a break down, however do have a couple of complaints. The Heat will not warm up until the car is in gear so even the coldest of mornings it really does me no good to "warm" the car up. We also have a 2005 Xterra and BOTH vehicles had the Fuel Sensor go out around 60K. The vehicle is also not comfortable for long rides. With all of that being said I still appreciate the fact that Nissan makes a reliable, sturdy SUV.
I purchased this car for my wife in October 2006. She loves the car - I enjoy driving it too when I'm allowed to do so. My only complaint is the high cost of maintaining it. The cost may be a function of the high dealer cost here in Charlotte - I'm reluctant to take it to an independent - but perhaps I should change my reluctancy. I've been informed that I should change the spark plugs every five years or 100,000 miles - cost is $670 plus tax! Sixteen plugs are involved plus 2.5 hours labor - according to the dealer.
i love my car it just has a few problems
Have had NOTHING but issues with my cobalt!!!!!
I HATE this car!!! Have spent thousands on it! I have had it 3 years and something is always going wrong. Fuel pump problems, electrical, fuse, lights, AC and wheel bearing issues. It only has 56k miles.
Bought this car new in 2002 only problem was rear hatch latch failure x2. This car is now at 138,000 miles and having a problem with TRAC OFF and VSC TRAC light on also.
Hi, I'm Alberto, live and own a 98 Corolla in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic.

I bought this car back in 1996 from a previous owner, the car was in great conditions, now I keep it (after 4 years) in very good shape, I must say that I use this car every single day, even for a short ride, might stop 2-3 days when on my yearly vacations. This said, I assure this is a great car that works with no problem at all, in my case the engine is as stable as always, altough it burns oil pretty quicky, specially when I do a 160 miles trip from my city to another, really annoying because you can't count with the regular time before changing oil, you have to keep completeing it like every 2 weeks, this is why the engine got 3 out of 5 stars in this review; if you can bear with it, just as myself, you've got yourself a great car, otherwise, avoid the 98-02 corolas, get your self a 2003 or later, which is my next goal after my wife and I finish constructing our house here in Dominican Rep.

Have a nice ride!

Alberto Severino
293,000+ miles and I have had brakes and tires repaired or replaced. My largest expense on this car has been having a mouse nest removed from the heating system. My highest gas mileage has been 47 miles per gallon, on cruise control at 55 miles per hour. I love this car!!!
Pushing 212,000 miles. Very dependable.
Timeless design with Honda reliability.
Learning the interior controls requires the owners manual. All controls pivot around the center control knob and the display screen. It takes a few times to find all the hidden areas to go, which control, navigation, radio, A/C and heating, trip information.
I've had a couple "$200" dollar problems but nothing too big. The great thing about these problems is they almost ALL occurred when I still had my bumper to bumper warranty. Other than these simple problems she's been nothing but Good to me. I love my Chevy just like any other proud Chevy owner should. I can confidently consider my car as a hobby of mine, yet an expensive one.
Bought my 2000 new & have hauled many loads up & down the Alaska-Canada Highway (2400 mi, one way), loaded to the limit (usually beyond) and pulling a grossly overloaded trailer. 200000 miles now: 1 clutch (well earned), 1 fuel pump, ball joints & front wheel bearings @ 150000 mi. (All well earned), 1 set rear brake pads (I am still using the ORIGINAL FRONT BRAKE PADS! 30% (I don't tailgate). LOVE THIS TRUCK, it's been my best friend on many a cold morning. urah.
I haven't had any major problems with my '02 Firebird until recently. My fuel pump is being replaced after 86k miles. My window motors were replaced, both sides, about two years ago. I've changed the battery twice and a few light bulbs occasionally, but other than that, the car is running strong.
I just jinxed myself, huh...
I did Jinx myself; all of the valve lifters had to be replaced. &$%@#
Hard to criticize this vehicle. I bought it new in 2000 and put 20K miles on it every year. I replaced a radiator and the transmission was repaired under warranty at about 100K mile. It has never been garaged and the paint hasn't even oxidized.
Purchased as a 2nd owner with 20K miles. Cute and sexy for a subcompact *the cherry red paint on mine looked great with tint*.

Last night @ 85,900 miles the timing belt "snapped" 2 miles from home on my way to work. This caused the engine to "blow". I read above someone else had the same problem and wanted to post that my car did the EXACT SAME THING.

Saved some money on gas for the 40 months I had it. Had it paid off as well. Thought it had another 50-60k miles on it...BUMMER

$2860 for a "used engine" and installation. Mechanic said I just had horrible luck and that everything else looks tip-top.

This 2004 Rio needed 4 new headlight bulbs as it is extrememely shaky especially on older or banged up roads. The suspension is actually the worst of any somewhat newer car I've driven in.

I got ~31-32 mpg when doing 90% freeway miles.