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After warrenty expired, all hell broke lose....Transmission fluid leak, instrument panel need to be replaced, rear window motor replaced, air conditioning not working, CEL come on all the time. body paint got cheaped easily. ETC Maintenance and repair is very expensive.
Bought one wish I had drove right on by it have never bought anything and had to so much work to keep it up and running!!!!
My truck has 218,000 miles. I haven't had any major problems with it. Driving in the mountains of Western North Carolina it slows down a bit, but it will still accelerate on a 2-3% grade in fifth gear, but I will down shift to reduce strain on engine. Excellent truck, I am the second or third owner.
Bought used 4 years ago. No problems other than the two front half drive shafts needed new boots, so changed out for new units. Usual brake replacement. 95,000 miles. GM screwed up big time when they stopped making these full sized cars. Never less than 20-24mpg around town/mixed and 27-32+mpg on trips. No lead foot stuff. Fourth Buick LeSabre since 1996. Wish I could get a 2010....
Great car, just need to take care of maintenace and the car will last.Might have to change intake manifold due to recall problem with stock plastic manifold.Ford racing offers a replacement manifold to reslve this issue.
This car is the best it runs goood and is very fast and economic
I have the 2007 slt.
I traded up from a 2001
I love this truck!
The upgrades are impressive.
I would like GM to make a deisel for the 1500. also the gas mileage is better than other comparable trucks. 18avg.
Overall awesome car. Its only weaknesses are: Automatic sliding doors wear out and are expensive to fix. Transmission went (but Honda was very good about replacing it under warranty).
i have 248000 miles on my truck and the only thing i have replaced is the lower ball joint on the driver side this year. it has been a very good truck and always starts up. it is a 1997 four wheel f-150
Has brought my faith back to American vehicles. Ours has 243,000 miles and still going strong. Just replaced a waterpump and flushed the radiator, but other than that, what a great van. Minimal maintenance, this vehicle starts when all our others fail, our back up right now, but sure has been a great van.
I purchase this SUV in 2001, with 33,000mi, it has 302,000>, I have done the brakes as needed, replaced the alt, ball joins, cv joints and plenty of tire, I found that the B F Goodrich tires last best, I get about 85,000mi, per set, not bad for the tires or Ford. Remember to change the fluids as recommended, I flush the tranny and change the filter, Ford say why, but the mechanics wonder why the the tranny is still working. Hat of to this one. Oh, the fuel pump went out yesterday @ 300,000> mi. go figure.
Thank God I did buy a BMW or MERCEDES
mui buena troca y economica de gas siempre y cuado se maneje moderada mente mui vuen arranque
My father bough my 1992 Sig Series in 1995. He drove it from 75000 miles to 125000. I got it 4 years ago. I traveled A LOT! it currently has 300,000 miles and runs like a dream. I am about to have the front end fully replaced because...well...its still original and its past time. I replaced the orig trans at 260,000 miles. All it takes it normal service requirements, and thats it! I love my car and will cry the day it finally gives up! LOL. I have found that the best tire I ever used was Michelin Hydroedge or Symmetry. The Hydroedge works wonders in rain and snow. And the Ride is AWESOME along with the new air ride i replaced. If your lincoln puffs smoke on start off, have your egr and pcv valve checked/replaced. I love it also b/c I can do most of my own Maintainence. Lincoln has my Full support!
I just sold this car, and it was easy to drive. Besides the alignment problem, and no heat or ac, this was a decent car. Brakes always wore fast, and the rear wiper never started working. Can't expect much from a vehicle this old though.
I purchased my 2000 Chevy Malibu with 75000 miles on it, didn't have to make any major repairs until last year. Overall this is a reliable car and inexpensive to fix. I love my car and am seriously thinking about upgrading to a newer model.
I recently bought a used 04 Mercedes E-320 with 88K + miles on it and was very please with crisp handling and great suspension, comfort, safety and power, it just feels a lot different driving a mercedes than another car. The solid feel of toughness and yet gentle enough as feather.

superb car in the world
100% score for me! very good car! ilove this car!!
Great car and so far no major problems
Starter went 2x, heat doesn't work in back, heat went in the front this winter (on again off again), trim around sunroof falling apart, front seat makes odd noises when moving forward/back - I swear it was new! I have 54k miles and $15,500 left to pay. Any takers?
The 318ti was a throwback to the early basic BMW. Simplicity, light, tossable, fun driver.
Nice car. The only issue i have is that the engine is 'sideways'.
Transmission makes a bang when shifting from time to time.
2003 3rd brake job at 50,000 miles.also needs front wheel bearings.
great truck smooth,quiet and dependable this is my 3rd suburban sold the first 2 at 200k+ still ran great. 48k to go on this one. BUY AMERICAN SUPPORT THIS COUNTRY
great car!!
I have a 1994 Ford Taurus LX with a 3.8 in it. All I ever hear is complaints against my engine. I'm told most of these engines crap out about 110,000 miles. Mine only has 80,000 but I have had to replace a crap load of parts in it, and doing maintenance on it is a nightmare. Plus the air conditioner is on the very bottom so if you hit it hard enough it craps out on ya and then you have no air conditioner.