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I bought a 2006 MM and once it hit 10k miles, the issues began. It used to shake terribly over bumps, I had inherent issues with the steering shaft, and the car needed new brakes AND rotors at 23k miles. The dealership said that was "normal." Not for me....I already had a lemon I just let them repossess the piece of garbage.
Great off the paved road, and awesome in the snow. I think the design is classy and defy's its age. The tranny did have to be replaced at 56000 under warranty. The lack of a solid dealer network is becoming a little trouble some. Runs and drives very well. I am keeping it for ever. Did I mention I love this truck. The off road abilities are as good if not better than my 2000 Jeep Cherokee, this truck replaced, because of numerous problems.
Had problems since the first day of purchase
Bought used in 2003, has not had to have any major repairs. The air conditioner pully has been replaced, because it screamed after rusting. The only shot I can take at it is the door lock/unlock switches, well they just always need to be fixed. The Orange color is very rare where I live, I have only seen one Mazda, the sister truck in the same color. It is very noticeable.
I love my car. I get plenty of compliments on it. I got it used in 2007. Up until now its been sitting in my drive way for about a month. First off, the parts I need have to be ordered. Avoiding getting them from the dealer. I have replaced the coolant tank it cracked. Right now, I am waiting for the thermostat housing. I cant afford to have a mechanic, so I am doing the work myself. I paid $100 for the work shop manual. I hope it isnt anything else. Other than that, I really love everything about my car.
I've had this van for 12 yrs now , and I still love it. It's the best American made vehicle I've ever owned. I've had all the usual problems over the years , but nothing that cost an arm and a leg.
Had one of these in 1986 when it was called Chevy Sprint. That one overheated easily in traffic, and the head warped before having 8,000 miles on it. That explained where the antifreeze was going (into the oil, making it foam). It also had an oil leak shortly after I bought it. I had it at the same time I had a 1977 Lincoln Town Car which weighed 5200 lbs, sat 3 in the front, 4 in the back and 4 in the trunk, got 8 mpg in the city and 13 on the highway. I drove the Sprint (getting approx. 40 mpg in suburban/city driving) on opposite days from the Lincoln to balance out the cost of gasoline. Add the 8 and the 40 together, divide by 2 and I was averaging 24 mpg during the week. The car was so small compared to the Lincoln that, when the cars were parked side-by-side, with the front bumpers lined up, the back of the Sprint came to where the back of the front door of the Lincoln was. The small size of the car was much more noticeable back then compared to 1994.
This one (1994 Geo Metro purchased in 2008) has improved appearance and feels more upscale than the '86. Mechanicals are excellent - engine, transmission, air conditioner. Engine sounds such that I lovingly describe it as I did with the one in the '86 as "a four-wheeled sewing machine", but the sound becomes part of the cars unique charm in time. The ride is choppy but not more unbearable than other small cars of the time. Road noise on the highway is high, but conversation is still possible and not uncomfortable. Door handles, hatch struts, door locks need to be treated delicately, the way you would handle your grandmother's arm, helping her in and out of a chair or vehicle. The sheetmetal is thin and it's always in the back of your mind that getting hit in the car would be dangerous to say the least, but it's small size makes it maneuvreable like few others. The radio in this car is unusable because of time and electronic gremlins, but easily replaced. The clutch is the lightest and easiest of any manual transmissioned car I have driven and the shifter feels very tight with short throws, as if it were on a much more expensive car. The gas pedal only needs to be feathered when engaging the clutch, so much so that you can easily over-rev the engine when pulling away from stop, the first couple of times.
I bought this car at time when gas was around $4.00/gal for $5,000 with original 48,000 miles from children of original owner (searched the entire country for it. Was thrilled to find one with 3 cylinder engine (also available with 4 cylinder which has more power, but gets less mpg. I was also happy to find one with a 5 speed manual transmission (automatic gets approx. 10 mpg less in city, which makes it comparable with larger cars produced in the past or being produced these days). I would have bought a brand new one had they still been producing them. (New Chevy Aveo is made by Daewoo -subsidiary of GM, Chevy Sprint and Geo Metro were made by Suzuki - much better quality in my opinion and better gas mileage. Suzuki also sold their version with name of Cultus and Swift and still makes a current generation of the car today. I drove the 2008 Aveo hatchback and almost bought one when I thought I couldn't find a Metro in decent shape. It was pleasant and felt more refined, but I wouldn't bet on longevity the way I do for the Sprint and Metro) The Metro I bought had been stored for several years. New paint and tires were added by seller, was amazingly devoid of rust (which is rare for these cars, especially if they are owned and driven in northern states) and car feels and runs like (or better) than the 1986 I bought new. Since gas prices dropped, I have it parked until prices come back up (now bumping $3.00/gal again and rising) as of this writing. It sits for weeks at a time with battery connected and starts immediately, everytime without a hint that it had been sitting. A/C holds charge unlike other older cars that sit. I have several cars which are newer and have low mileage that sit for long periods and this one holds up the best. Gas mileage for 1986 was approx. 40 mpg average in suburban/city driving - highest speed during commute approx. 40 mph, all the way up to 62 mpg on hwy once, straight hwy driving back when the national speed limit was 55 mph with air conditioning off. This one (1994) averaged between 40 and 50 mpg with mixed driving on the way from picking it up in the hilly/mountainous areas of Pennsylvania, stopping in Washington D.C. for a night and driving mostly I-95 to Florida with speeds averaging 65-70 mph, in summer with a/c on. The a/c was freezing cold. Acceleration is on the slower side of the spectrum, but adequate once you get used to the engine's power band and gear ratios and adjust your driving accordingly. The only exception is short-on ramps on heavily travelled roads. Each time you encounter these situations, it is a new experience in terror and faith, trying to merge with flowing traffic. The non-power steering is only noticeable during low/slow speed maneuvres and not hard to handle. My only major complaints would be super slow windshield wipers (not adequate enough for a steady, wind-driven rain), mushy suspension and tiny 12 inch tires. The windshield wiper situation can be handled with regular applications of Rain-X. Because of the tires, you get major understeer and body roll, but I don't expect much for such small car with basic struts and tiny tires geared more for light weight and low rolling resistance for maximum mileage. After getting stuck with wheels spinning on the white "stop line" at a corner because the weight of three adults was too much for the tires to gain traction when it was drizzling (someone had to get out) and skidding into another car while it was snowing another time, I upgraded the wheels and tires on my 1986 from 145-80R-12's to 175-70R-13's (with wider rims). After that the car handled like it was on rails and even helped the car tip-toe on ice covered roads when other cars were skidding and pulling off the roads during blizzard conditions. I don't remember the city mileage suffering significantly after the tire and wheel change. In the future, if I have to drive the car regularly and in bad weather (especially in a colder area of the country), I may be willing to give up some highway mileage for better traction and handling.
After I bought the '86, when gas was around $1.43, if I remember correctly, the price suddenly dropped to 75 cents. When I was buying this one, I told people to expect gas prices to plummet and they went from around $4.00/gal down to $1.53, after I bought the car. I have been hesitant to take the insurance off the car, for fear gas prices would shoot up. I was going to drop the insurance at the beginning of the year and look where gas prices are going. My friends jokingly say my buying one of these cars every couple of decades, helps save our economy. If only that were true.
When all is said and done, I am one of many people who have owned one of these cars and fallen under it's spell, but then again, my other favorite car out of the 5 I have now (and the many I have owned in the past) is a 1990 Toyota Tercel with a carburetor that needed to be replaced (as did almost every one of the Tercels that had this particular carburetor), a recently coverted/updated airconditioning system and a radio and speakers that also need to be replaced.
turn signal return broke heater adjustment bad I.E. electronic control. drink holder front broke
Great vehicle. Just have a problem with a rattle in the DS front power seat.
Drag Race Truck. Used during race season. Carb. 6cyl. Front end vinyl wrap.
I just bought my 04 saturn. I love it I'm the second owner of the car and i must say the person before me took OK care of the car I havent had to replace anything yet but my AC doesnt blow out cold air. It may just need to be recharged the mechanic I had look at it said that he thought that was all that needed to be done Im not sure if I need to replace anything but other than that the car is great from what i can tell. It rides quiet. I dont feel all the bumps of the road the way i did in my jeep. All in all it seems like a good car.
Great car, great handling. Mediocre at best stock tires.
Simply amazing. Bought it eleven years old with less than sixty thousand and drives just beautifully.
I bought my durango when it had 69000 miles on it I have had it for 2 years now it is a 04 4.7. I now have 107000 miles on it towing and hauling a lot of stuff. No issues with it other then the usual Had to replace the front 2 o2 sensors and new exhaust manifold gaskets. But for as much as I drive it towing and hauling great comfort and still have fun driving it.
Absolute blast to drive. 123k on it, no major problems. Still smokes all them mustangs/camero's/etc... Nothing like merging onto a highway at 120 mpg with two finger on the wheel - LOVE IT.
rattle noise under the floor of the car and fumes eminating from the bottom of the car. dealer unable to correct problem til date
I have a 2007 corolla and I had the check engine light couple of times. They said it is computer problem. But my worry is, since it is under warrenty they rectified, but when it goes beyond warrenty period, it is expensive to replace it. Are toyota consider it and need a recall?
I own a 2000 Dodge Intrepid. The car is very comfortable. Regular maintanence is important with a car like this and the only time I have problems is when I am being lazy with the maintanence. This car burns oil so I always find that if I make sure I check the oil every time I get gas it keeps it running good. Great car. Big but very comfortable and lots of storage space.
I love the mileage. It has 15,000 m when I bought it. Not a big car, but it works fine for me to go to work, run errands and take a few trips out of town. So far it is very reliable.
they nead to recall all s600 for the abc suspantion
Great truck so far. I'm still waiting for the "runaway engine syndrome" to kick in...
Really fun car to drive. Maintenance isn't tough. at 140 000 miles, and going strong. Get the upgraded EGR valve (cheaper at the dealer than at auto parts stores) to solve that problem with rough idle. Also causing rough idle was a leaking intake manifold gasket. Clean the MAF occasionally with electrical contact cleaner, and had to set the valve lash at 120 000 (much quieter at startup at -20 now). Use a synthetic ATF like Mobil1 or AMSOIL (otherwise it needs to be changed frequently to keep from slipping). Ok, engine mounts had to be replaced, and a control arm (bad ball joint). replaced the steering rack, but that was due to an accident the car was previously in. Brakes - not happy with any aftermarkets apart from the OEM Akebono (anything else warps the rotors and leads to vibration). Even non-OEM drums caused me vibration. Original muffler (but had to replace the front exhaust pipe). Do yourself a favor and upgrade tire size to a +1, and enjoy the grip! Directional signal switch and radio needed electrical contacts cleaned to keep running. Alternator failed, and replaced. Oh - sudden one-time 'shake' at speed has been identified on a few sites as a turbine speed sensor - a $30 part taking 10 minutes to replace. A failing throttle position sensor will prevent trans shifting - hit 7000 rpm, changed the $40 sensor (from dealer) and all was good. Dealer also gives me a better price on belts and spark plugs than auto shops. Happy with car!
great car. cheap to run :)
Have had mine for a year and a half so far, and have issues with brake disc vibration, a cylinder valve failing (and the warantee replacement cylinder head was put on incorrectly damaging it- so have had the cylinder head changed twice) - drivebelt idler failure, timing belt tensioner and idler failure. Now the check engine light is on again with a check engine code for the throttle position sensor (2nd time for this code, first time they just cleaned the contacts - obviously not good enough - back to the dealer), and the rear passenger side rear brake is starting to lockup on hard breaking. camshaft pulleys are slightly skewed, so it is a bit noisy when cold (and this is the root cause for the timing idler failure). Mileage is ok - as long as you don't push it too hard, it is not too bad. Auto trans shifts cold can be rough/abrupt. Has been cheap so far as the only thing I have had to pay for is the drivebelt and brake pads/rotors (rest covered under warantee).

I am hoping the major issues will come up under warantee - has been the case so far (only at 35 000 miles).
I bought my 540 July 2008 with only 47,000 miles on it. I also bought an extended warranty that more than paid for itself at 82,000 miles. I LOVE this car! At about 54,000 miles replaced the radiator (covered by warranty) and a hose. I have replaced brake pads and done oil changes myself. Power steering hose leaks a little due to clamps loosening up (no big deal). Steering became wobbly and clunky at around 70,000 miles and symptoms of intake manifold leak and valley pan gasket leaks also. At 60,000 miles the tranny was leaking slowly and needed a partial rebuild ($1700, covered by warranty). I just (at 82,000 miles) brought it into repair shop and warranty is covering the suspension parts (ball joints shot, control arm bad, tie rods and bushings need replacing) and the intake and valley pan gasket replacements. I really haven't had that many issues considering I live in mountains and have put on 34,000 miles in a year and a half, and the ones I have are the common problems. Good thing I bought the 36,000 mile extended warranty that covers gaskets and seals. This is my favorite car that I've owned..... hands down. I LOVE it!
I absolutely think this vehicle is a homerun. It is big enough to carry all kinds of stuff, small enough to be economical, tall enough to haul through all kinds of snow or rain.
It just seems to be a good all around vehicle.
We have had ours for seven years with only front brakes being done and regular oil changes.
4x4 with 28-30 MPG average for over 2 years...only thing fixed so far was replaced originial tires after 45k miles.
Not for trips. Overheats at the drop of a hat. Lots of issues that should be recalled. Was nice for the first year, though.
Have had this car for 19 years, and it is truly an amazing car. It needs a new clutch , but is worth the cost of repair.
I love my S430. I think the body styling as well as the sleek interior cannot be duplicated. It looks, both inside and out, more elegant than the new, more aggressive S series. It ages well, and with proper service and maintenance, it can be a dream to drive.