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Forgot to mention in last posting - I have seen and read reviews in other places from many people who have driven these cars 170,000 to over 200,000 miles and all seem to love them!
good teenagers car
Big step up from my ford ranger! great fuel miliage, done a few modifications but on the highway i can get upwords to 21 mpg
The gas gage stoped working but thats it other than that awsome car!
bought this car (sports edition) as my 1st car for $800... after replacing a couple items and a good cleaning, some, and lots of tlc...the previous owner is jealous!!!
Our 03 is the second of three that we have owned new. The first was a 2000 and the third is a 2007. We love these cars. The ride is better than our sons Honda and the gas millage is 31 to 33 mpg on the highway. The roomy trunk was a factor in purchasing the first one. No major problems with them, except that the 03 needs the AC looked at, almost 84,000 miles on it.
best car ever 80,000 miles not one problem
Best Truck Ever..Love it never any problems
great car, smoothe ride. However, when warrant is over our pockets will feel the raft of what is means to own a bmw
This is my fourth BMW and the first one with too many problems: Steering flexible join to be replaced, valve lifters to be replaced, driver's fron corner light broken, two back up lights fell, sunroof screen tracks to be's being a nightmare which I didn;t suffer before not even with my oldest 1997 328i
It's a shame but have to say this is the worst BMW ever owned...I'd recomend to go avoid this year's edition and go up one year...skip 2000 production at all.
I have never enjoyed a truck more in my life than my white 2009 Dodge Ram! I have had it for about 6 months and everytime I get into it, it still feels brand NEW!
Nice car..
4.3 v6 is a great engine. drives and handles great.
gets 22 mpg at 70mph on interstate.
great car for the value
lost transmission by not using ATF-3, use mopar when possible...
Great car, lots of pep with v6, transmission very strong...nice design both with body chassis drives like sports car.
The best van I have ever owned, You must use the ATF+4 transmission fluid only, preferably Mopar or you will wish you had!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i payed 400 dollars for a 1990 Toyota Camry Le and it runs great!!!!!
The difference between an Isuzu VehiCROSS and a Jeep is that you take a Jeep, and drop $30,000 into it, and only then can it do what a VehiCROSS can do out of the box. This little car is a real offroad vehicle that can take the worst of Moab and still tool down the highway handling like a sportscar (albeit a heavy one). It's what started the whole crossover vehicle craze and it's still the best of both worlds.
not the greatest for heat but relible
my car has 252000 and still runs strong
I bought my Altima 2.5 SL new in 2005 and have only put a new battery in it. I'm having a problem with the TCM sensor but besides these minor things I absolutely love the car and plan on driving it till the wheels fall off!
car has a lot of hesitation in town but drives real good on the hwy
1995 GS, 205k miles, Great car. Small things over years have stopped working; auto door locks, stereo (Bose) sounding fuzzy, some wind noise at window seals. Overall - engine runs great, quiet, trans shifts smooth, suspension is sound corners and tracks well. A/C that will freeze you out. 2 aftermarket garages with Honda cert. mechanics that are way cheaper than dealer and will install parts I purchase. Going to drive it into the ground cause its worthless via bluebook...
2000 Quad Cab 4x4 with 4.7 L
Great truck. Bought it from my father who bought it new and did all maintenance on it through the dealership. Currently has 170,000 on it and no major problems. Has gone through 3 sets of tires (oe goodyears @ 40,000; michelin xcx/apt @ 120,000; current bridgestone dueler revos), 3 sets of ball joints, 3 sets of shocks, original transmission (kinda rare at this mileage for these vehicles) with 4 fluid exchanges, rear pinion seal is starting to go out but not that bad yet, developed a lower end knock in the motor around 130,000 and has just been getting slowly worse when cold (goes away when warm). 4 wheel drive works like a dream, I love the 'Four on the Fly' transfer case. Good power, although its been getting a little weaker with its higher mileage. Original exhaust except for the muffler which I put on a Flowmaster @ 135,000. Would recommend to anyone needing a truck that is capable of full-size performance in a mid-size package. Just remember there is a lot more to maintain on these vehicles than on a 4 cylinder car; Do the maintenance and she'll easily last you through 200,000.
I bought my 97 used with 97,000 miles.. ran great for the first 4 months then the engine light came on and with constant repairs stays on. EGR tube and or compoant seems to always be the problem. My cd player has stoped working, my back doors will not open from the inside, my inside cover around the skylight is falling, the ac only works good if going on the highway and the electric side mirrors are now manual. I just spent $1000 fixing things to pass smog 6 months ago and my engine light came back on. Now with more problems. Ideling to high, lunging forward from a stop to almost die out if I dont hurry up and press the gas. My front ball joints have been replaced only to crack again. I am tired of putting money in this vehical but since I am out of work its the only thing I have.
This is without a doubt the MOST troublesome vehicle I have owned in over 40 years of car ownership.
(1) Horrible rear brakes; replaced at
just awesome!!! engine 4.2
Car is amazing in every way power Handling looks , however its like maintaining a high performance race car which i guess it some what is. Just disappointing thought Mercedes made a more reliable vehicle In a period of 6 months my hydrolic suspension puked all over my driveway and the car dropped to the floor then the motor mounts went and the car felt like it was going to break apart. then the constant ever raging battle with the check engine light. just be prepared to write extremely large checks on a consistent basis.
Great car , love the overall ride and ability to go anywhere in any weather I feel safe driving this car difficult to see out the back . Drinks a little more gas then other cars in its class if your going to do a lot of driving this car will drink your wallet , My wife uses it for short commutes with the kids The repair cost and reliability are similar to my Jeep Wrangler . Its a fun car but its not very practical .