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Plastic Trim pieces went to crack and break in either extrem heat or cold. (I ilve in vegas and huth in utah in the winter) 120 in the summer -20 in the winters of utah.

the breaks are awesome. im at 60000 and just had them replaced.
the drive train is rock solid. no problems at all.
the only problems i have had that are electrical are related to the cam position sensor. they seem to go out every 15000 miles.
the engine its self is the rock solid strait 6 4.0L and will last till hell freezes over if properly maintained (oil and filter every 3000 miles)
the exaustmanifold sucks. they tend to crack even if you never take it off-road. 97-03 are the worst. 04-06 were slightly better. but you should replace it with an after market unit from Banks enginering.
the heater is great but AC is just ok but with the soft top i am sure its better with hard top.
the suspension has a few problems. when everything is working right its great. anything even minorly worn or wrong will cause the dreaded "death wobble". tire out of balance = "death wobble" stearing damper worn = death wobble. shocks worn = Death Wobble.. anything worn = death wobble. get the picture.

now with all that said. i would buy another one in a heart beat. of all the vicheals i own it is by far the most reilable. it has never left me stranded by the side of the road. never failed to start. the only thing that ever stopped it was mud so deep that i had to crawl out the window cause i could not open the door. my next car will be another Jeep.

Purchased new in 02. Replaced timing belt at 120,000 miles, replaced auto tran just short of 100,000. Very reliable, never had any real problems until today. Runaway accelerator problem blew my mind. NOT a stuck brake pedal. Got towed to a Toyota specialist for inspection....not a dealership. Will see what happens. The outcome may change my opinion of Toyota quality. Kinda of weird that it happened out of the blue but you should have seen the RPMs!
The most costly car I have ever owned. Brake, coolant and engine problems. Will never buy a GM again.
Have had the vehicle for 2 yrs and besides brakes and tires it has been good.
I've never had a car with so many creaks and sqeaks.Obviously things are loosening up and causing noises.
Also loud wind noise
Very diappointed with all the noise in the passenger compartment
Best car I ever owned - and I've had Mercedes (450SL), Cadillacs, Volvo (Bertone) and Lincolns. Not one of them could touch my Lexus (not even close).
Owned several Caddy's
Tested several others.
If you could afford and XLR Great!
That's the only thing that beats my 02 Eldo.
Third Tacoma... I have never had a more reliable vehicle...
Great car however this was the first year for the wire guided transmission and it can be sluggish at times
2003 Kia Sorento steering problems and no dash lights other then that car runs godd headlights has benn changed at least 20 times or more.
Had mine for a lot of miles and it still runs great. Probably one of the best cars I've ever owned.
Great car gets you where you need to go and back. I love the car
I brought my 2002 sport trac new, great truck has 98,500 with no major problems.
Body, exterior is very poor because of major rust on the doors and throughout the exterior.
worst car I ever owned . Had many Cadillacs they lost my busness forever. repairs all the time. window motors all 4 many codes a.c. will not blow out of dash vents uses alot of oil 56,000 miles and falling apart
This vehicle rocks.
Excellent quality. Better than most of Ford models
I bought this car repossessed from a local credit union. Cost to get timing belt done was 1800 in Madison. 750 with waterpump in Brookfield. I can't believe the nerve some dealers have looking a customer in the face and saying, "gee, 1800 to do a timing belt. When would you like to schedule that." CEL was on for about 2 months, but had a local mechanic look at it, and he fixed the pcv valve and some other valves that may have caused it. Error was "Air Intake". Over having this vehicle for 3 months, I've put about 1k into it, and bought it for 4.5k. Nothing is wrong with the vehicle, no sludge using 0w40 Mobil One.
put glass packs on all of them and they would be 100% perfect
One of the nicest cars I have ever owned. Other than a bit of cheap interior pieces I love this car. It has been trouble-free and quite comfortable to drive. Mileage has been good too. Now have 52,000 miles on it. Thumbs up.
This truck is great, 10 years old but still runs like new.
Great car. Fast, sporty, awesome handling & smooth acceleration. I own a GTP model, fully loaded and worth it. Only issue: After a couple of years had a problem with the passenger side headlight having a crack which allowed rain/moisture to get in it so had to replace that.
reliable car with 115,000 miles. Normal squeaks and rattles,drain from moonroof gets clogged easily.Purchased used with 90,000 two years ago.
The 2006 BMW 330cic truly earns it's badges reputation as the "Ultimate Driving Machine" It is as fun to drive as it is to stare at. The car's lines and fit and finish ooze class and sophistication and impecable detail. Every body junction, panel, and part are placed with absolute precision with very few American Style "press fit" and never fit again parts. Everything can be easily accessed and repaired as if it was designed with a mechanic standing behind every design engineer. Add the "M" badge on the steering wheel with the styled ground effects package and tightened suspension and it will even get a look from the local high school parking lot. The engine delivers a sharp exhaust note that won't turn the heads of the Harley Davidson crowd or encourage letters from the home owners association, but lets your neighbors know "you've arrived in life." It is impeccably European. In sharp turns the tires and suspension will just not let go of the road and the connection between the driver and the road is unmatched by virtually anythin else for less than a quarter million. The engine could stand a few extra horses to push comfortably past the occasional Mustang Racer who thinks he owns a real sports car, but choose a tight twisting road and the pulse will race and the anything in the rear view mirror will quickly dissapear. Virtually nothing has gone wrong with the car in almost 45k miles. My only problem has been the rubber seal around the edge of the convertable top which tore and dissentigrated after about 100 openings but never leaked. It was even replaced free by the local shop with the 50k mile factory warranty (get that kind of service from anything domestic!). Once you add free maintenance for EVERYHTING except for tires within the initial warranty and the heafty pricetag suddenly begins to seem like a bit of a bargain? Overall, this is my favorite car in the stable and why I've owned more than a few bavarian made vessles over the years.
The 2007 Cadillac Escalade really has no equal in regard to ride and handling among the large SUVs. Although it delivers a mean exhaust bark, the "400hp" engine actually lacks a little bite compared to other larged sized vehicles with similar available power like the Silverado Pick-ups and the Ford Heavy Duty line and other full-sized trucks. What it lacks in overall power, it more than tries to compensate for in features. It is practically oozing electrical gadget technology overload from every pore. The Bose radio system is impressive with tremendous high and low end response. However, the touch screen GPS system is a far distant red headed cousin to anything made by the Germans and Japanese. The GPS maps diminish quickly in detail when scaled out to a reasonable distance showing only major highways. It is very little help negotiating a detour route when the primary is blocked. The greatest dissapointment overall in the vehicle (besides the criminal fuel economy..12.5 MPG average) is the lack of DIN quality electrical wiring found in alomost all European and japanese cars of simlar price. Most of the wiring bundles appear to have been installed by a amature installed by an amature High school mechanic in a dimly lit garage relying heavily on black electrical tape to hold it together. Not at all supportive of the near $80k pricetag with all options. The electrical systems also seem to fail at will. The power liftgate broke within the first week requiring manual operation, the tire pressure monotoring system failed within 500 miles and showed a warning light on the dash that could not be turned off, the parking asist system never activated properly from day one, the fog light button broke on the drive home, and suddenly the vehicle painfully reminded me that it is American through and through and why I have not owned anything domestic since the mid-eighties. Overall the fit and finish of the body panels and interior is nowhere near the tolerances and quality of foreign auto makers. A bold reminder that American automakers and American auto unions can't build a solid car if their jobs literally depended on it!
65000 no problems
Carlsbad Hyundai unloaded a lemon on me and Hyundai corporate turned it's back on me and failed to honor their warrenty. Never buy a Hyundai; it's Korean for "garbage"