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undercarriage thumping and vibration noted when turning slowly ang upon initial accelleration.
I've had this car for a year now and it has been a pleasant to drive. Will buy nothing but Chevys from now on.
Incredible! 469 hp. Got to have it.
And the CLS55 is even better at 469 hp!
has worked perfectly for 102K miles, so far. The only thing that died was the radio/cd player, at about 80K miles.
Excellent car. Highly recommended.
great little truck a little light tho
I love my civics. this is my 3rd one. It now has 60000 miles on it and runs like a new one. Only problem I have is the suspension. It does not ride like an accord. But its great. Keep oil changed very 300 miles and it will take care of you. A good quality oil. I use Castrol GTX 5w20. GO HONDA

This CRV is one of the best cars I've ever driven, the safewty ratings are really good also, the most expensive repair other than a tire coming seperated and trashing the side panel, was the air conditioning , replaced the control unit, I kid you not this is an amazing little SUV style get about. Today the paints are oxidizing and I'm going to write the company to see where I can match that color. It's deteriating partially from a body & paint repair shop, and
generally old age, butits also starting to oxidate rather fast.
Great van ,cheap parts on internet,would buy again
Great car! I've had mine for over four years and haven't had any problems with it. It's also great on gas.
1 of the best & reliable vehicles I've owned. It's never let me down. Purchased it in 2001 with 15000 mi. The Lincoln dearler's wife drove it personally. Some say the engine seems sluggish but I've loaded it with 7 passengers & full luggage and drove the moutains of Kentucy, Tennessee, Virginia, Florida, the Carolina's and it moved with impressive strength. So I dont know how much power a vehicle of this size should have, but it took the mountains like a beast. Was a little disturbed when I had 2 pay $1900 when my heat when out. The $1900 included a tune up. The alternator when out but I was able to drive 19 miles home; my other cars stalled out when the alternator died. Over all it's worth every dime I paid 4 it. Now that I'm buying a boat it will come in handy again.
Its been an okay car, but i've got a major repair facing me now (severe lifter knocking) and i'm sick of putting money into it
Still a very reliable car at 100,000 miles, fun to drive and economical.
Great car, very reliable and fun to drive!
It's been a Awesome vehicle! I guess with Honda you just can't go wrong. Iv'e had 3 of them and they were all great.
God gave me this car. I purchased the 1994 lexus 300ES in 2006 because JD POwers still rated it 4 1/4 stars over all. It's the most reliable vehicle I've ever owned. Replace the tie CV Joints in 2008 ($289) but thats minor considering it had over 200,000 miles. For 1 1/2 years I drove it back & forth from Madison Wisconsin to Detroit Michigan every 2 weeks to see my wife and daughter with not 1 problem. Today I'm online to see how to change the brakes.
A fun, reliable and economical car! At 100,000, still looks and runds great, with only a very few minor problems.
My experience with this vehicle is great. Dodge makes a good truck. Downsides are a small backseat area compared to a F150. second is a huge exhaust restriction which has to be stealing horsepower
I can't get enogh of the Lincolns. I bought a 1998 Navagator in 2000 and it has been a dream SUV. Not good on the gas but great to drive and tow our travel trailer with. So for my wifes B-day I got her this 2003 Lincoln LS in 2008 and it still only has 43000 miles on it. They our the best cars we have ever owned. Top of the TOP.

Never buy a ford never buy a chevy I know ford makes Lincoln but Lincoln is far superior to ford and all others.
watch out for the coil packs on this truck. There are eight of them and they are expensive
This is a slick bodied car. However, for the cost of this vehicle it should be a lot better. The sub-woofer has blown out at 50,000 miles. The paint quality is not up the cost of a vehicle of this price point.The finish has even worn off the front bumper. Big disappointment
I have two Lexus ES 300.
93 ES 300- had approximately 260K miles. on it and runs very strong.
'96 ES 300 - Runs like silk. This car rides and drive very well. No problems with this car at all. Its waiting on the next adventure.
I bought a 2010 Dodge Ram Quad Cab it is a great truck. It has style as well as power. I got a great price and I kept my 2004 Ram at trade-in. It has 120,000 miles on it and I still love it. Thanks Dodge
Very reliable car, best car I've ever purchased.
Excellent handling and acceleration. Interior could be better.
I've owned it for 7 years. No problems -just routine brakes and tires. I'm at 129,000 miles now and it needs an ignition coil, wheel bearings and O2 sensor ( rough running). I love this car. Really stable on the open highway at high speed. Great acceleration. I have the GLE - loaded with every conceivable option. Oddly the remote has stopped working - not the button battery -can't figure why. May replace the car eventually with another Maxima or possibly an Altima.
This is a DAMN Good Car! Only if the "owners stay on top of their regular maintainance the engineers at GM needs to bring back the Oldsmobile Line!!!