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This car is not a very good car. It has major problems. i will NOT own another chrysler. I had sebring also and it was also stalling and had other issues.
best truck we ever owned
87,000 miles; regular maintenance per owners manual. Remote mirror switch replaced under warranty at 35,000, "foam" steering wheel cover replaced at 40,000 (again, under warranty)...NO mechanical problems at rattles or squeeks. Looking forward to hitting 200,000 miles on this peppy, fuel-efficient vehicle
My husband bought this car because everyone ranked it as a best buy...but we have been really disappointed with this car. From poor VW dealership/parts shops. To the VW policy that they are okay with the GTI burning a quart of oil every 1000 miles!? VW has also been delaying the release of a new diagonostic reader to tell if the engine is running properly. (We've been asking our local dealership for months- and they didn't even have an idea when the would be receiving it) We are never buying VW again and we advice anyone interested in buying a new car not to buy VW.
I am a mother of four and I must say the space is the absolute best thing about this van. Each seat either reclines to comfort for each child's needs. I haven't had it for more than 6 months but I haven't had to change anything but a turn signal so far. Knock on wood. I love my van!
I have had my 2005 for almost 3yrs and I love it. Very comfy and excellent on long trips. I have recommended this car to several people. Just get one you will love.
So far I've had a good run with my 03, 2.2L ecotec engine. It hasn't lived an easy life, spent multiple winters in Michigan without the comfort of a garage (never had to replace the original ACDelco battery). Just replaced the brakes, but they were due. Bought it with 30,000 miles, now nearing 70,000.
Its getting up in mileage to where I'm trying to do the little things right (keeping it fairly clean and lubed up) so that I don't have a big expense down the road. Also helps to have an upfront mechanic who'll tell you what repairs can wait.

My wife has the 6 cylinder model with over 100,000 (also an 03). Her starter is going, but in general has had few problems.
I hate my Taurus. I also own a 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee which has 220,000 miles on it and the Jeep gives me FAR less problems.
I have 2010 from November 2009 and i love it. I dont like loud engine noise at the begining but it is mentioned by factory it is needed for cat converter to heat up.. Also i dont like CD player that it takes about 30sec. to start to play if you put your own mp3 burned cd... Other that that i LOVE IT and going from 2000 Jetta to this one - you feel a need to change a car :)
This is one car that you'll just have to drive to believe! I've owned several different high end cars but 'for the money' this one is the best. I purchased my 2008 in 2010 (with low miles) from a 'one owner'. The car is flawless. I've heard that there are issues with brake pads wearing out prematurely and I will be removing my wheel to see how much brake pads are left. At any rate, I have no complaints about this car! I'd recommend it to anyone...!
Owned the car for 9 months so far. Its a Saab 9-5 Linear, therefore its not exactly fast, but it does get the job done well. This is especially true considering I was only 19 when I acquired the vehicle. So far its been a real blast to own, only have two problems (one of which was definately my fault). Thecar has been efficient stylish and fun overall, the suspension handles well with not too much body roll, the interior has all the fun gadgets and nice sound system and the drivetrain and brakes have really been pretty well matched to the vehicles engine. Now I give the engine a rating of only 3 stars because I do indeed have the linear meaning its not the quickest ride out there; mind you its still faster than alot of other rides. But I sort of wished I could have acquired an "Aero" model of this car. But either way the ride has truly been something that has made me into a true SAAB fanatic. Born from jets, and Move your Mind.
dont buy not worth it
Plastic Trim pieces went to crack and break in either extrem heat or cold. (I ilve in vegas and huth in utah in the winter) 120 in the summer -20 in the winters of utah.

the breaks are awesome. im at 60000 and just had them replaced.
the drive train is rock solid. no problems at all.
the only problems i have had that are electrical are related to the cam position sensor. they seem to go out every 15000 miles.
the engine its self is the rock solid strait 6 4.0L and will last till hell freezes over if properly maintained (oil and filter every 3000 miles)
the exaustmanifold sucks. they tend to crack even if you never take it off-road. 97-03 are the worst. 04-06 were slightly better. but you should replace it with an after market unit from Banks enginering.
the heater is great but AC is just ok but with the soft top i am sure its better with hard top.
the suspension has a few problems. when everything is working right its great. anything even minorly worn or wrong will cause the dreaded "death wobble". tire out of balance = "death wobble" stearing damper worn = death wobble. shocks worn = Death Wobble.. anything worn = death wobble. get the picture.

now with all that said. i would buy another one in a heart beat. of all the vicheals i own it is by far the most reilable. it has never left me stranded by the side of the road. never failed to start. the only thing that ever stopped it was mud so deep that i had to crawl out the window cause i could not open the door. my next car will be another Jeep.

Purchased new in 02. Replaced timing belt at 120,000 miles, replaced auto tran just short of 100,000. Very reliable, never had any real problems until today. Runaway accelerator problem blew my mind. NOT a stuck brake pedal. Got towed to a Toyota specialist for inspection....not a dealership. Will see what happens. The outcome may change my opinion of Toyota quality. Kinda of weird that it happened out of the blue but you should have seen the RPMs!
The most costly car I have ever owned. Brake, coolant and engine problems. Will never buy a GM again.
Have had the vehicle for 2 yrs and besides brakes and tires it has been good.
I've never had a car with so many creaks and sqeaks.Obviously things are loosening up and causing noises.
Also loud wind noise
Very diappointed with all the noise in the passenger compartment
Best car I ever owned - and I've had Mercedes (450SL), Cadillacs, Volvo (Bertone) and Lincolns. Not one of them could touch my Lexus (not even close).
Owned several Caddy's
Tested several others.
If you could afford and XLR Great!
That's the only thing that beats my 02 Eldo.
Third Tacoma... I have never had a more reliable vehicle...
Great car however this was the first year for the wire guided transmission and it can be sluggish at times
2003 Kia Sorento steering problems and no dash lights other then that car runs godd headlights has benn changed at least 20 times or more.
Had mine for a lot of miles and it still runs great. Probably one of the best cars I've ever owned.
Great car gets you where you need to go and back. I love the car
I brought my 2002 sport trac new, great truck has 98,500 with no major problems.
Body, exterior is very poor because of major rust on the doors and throughout the exterior.
worst car I ever owned . Had many Cadillacs they lost my busness forever. repairs all the time. window motors all 4 many codes a.c. will not blow out of dash vents uses alot of oil 56,000 miles and falling apart
This vehicle rocks.