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I've driven Toyotas most of my life, but tuis truck out performs them all. the 4 wheel drive is incredible and the V8 gives me the power I need in the mountains. Having major problems with the front end suspension though. When is a strut not a strut? when you turn it in for warranty work.
Best vehicle I've ever owned or driven.
Perfect for work, family or play!!
Turns on a dime and hits off road perfectly
i dont like this vehicle transmisson not smooth,also frontend making noises when i hit bumps ....i have 50000 miles on vehicle..
I bought mine in 2006 ( though it is a 2007); I have almost 100,000 miles on it. Other then spark plug wires I have not had to do a thing to mine that was caused by it's own failing. I was rear ended going about 30mph which was enough to bend the radiator so I had to replace it twice; after the second time found out the problem and it's been great ever since! Only which I got A/C otherwise I am very pleased with mine. Would absoluty recommend to anyone if they are looking for a cheap buy.
I bought a 2007 Corolla at the end of 2006 and it sucks. The bottom of the passenger's side leaks water when it rains and not just a little bit. It gets the floor mat soaking wet. It also leaks water from the light above the rearview mirror. And again, not just a little but a good amount. It's very annoying when I turn because the water will drip onto my lap. Also, about a year ago, my car started making this squeaking noise like something is loose and turning. Went to get it fixed twice and keep in mind this was a brand new car on the lot NOT used. I feel like Longo Toyota sold me the crappiest one.
Get A New CAR!!!
Bought mine brand new. it had 3 miles on it when I took the keys. Have had afew problems but what car dont? Had to replace the AC compressor at 38000 miles. THen had problems with AC again at about 60000 miles. Had to replace EGR valve at about 50000 miles. The rest of the things are normal things that every car has to have replaced from time to time. Wish they had not stopped making these cars as I would buy another one without a moments thought. Seats and exterior still are in very good condition.
I bought a XJ6.Love the power & handling.Very easy for anyone to work on.
Great car! This is the only automatic v6 car i have driven that has the power to burn out from a stop! it has great power, amazing looks, and the options (even base models) for the interior are amazing! I used to own civics, i have a 1976 corvette stingray, and just got rid of a 2004 330i bmw. This car beats them ALL by far! Great for cruising, and REALLY fun to kick up the speed on backroads that have a lot of hills and curves. It grips the road like it is nailed down to it and as smooth as you can get a car to be! AMAZING CAR FOR PRICE!!
My Fiance and i have had sevral problims with out bmw... it drives me crazy
Best vehicle ever built. Solid and dependable in any weather. Cheap to keep and easy to repair if needed.
bought with 2000 miles on it in 2005, have not had any major problems. Syill has original tires, original brakes. Modell is ccl with all wheel drive. Would buy again,
this is the most reliable car I've ever owned.At this stage of life Iam so fortunate.I have a current problem I need help with. I need the name of the rear suspension bags so I can replace them from the web if I can find them. Hope there's no after market. This car needs minium maintenance and drives like a dream. I have a friend who has a new Grand Marguee and he loves this car,his of course is 2009 and in great shape. Iam going to look around and find another one of these and see if Iam lucky to by it.
Had for a year so far. still love the truck. jimmy Johnson Chevrolet in San Diego outstanding service personnel keeps me updated to service bulletins. the vehicle tows a 30' 5th wheel up and down the mountains with no trouble. on trips with cruise set getting 19-20 mpg
my car is great but it wont start and i;ve changed the battery and starter whats the problem???
Electrical system is troublesome.
I don't have a Duramax I only have the 6.0 Liter Vortec engine but it pulls just fine. I love this truck to death!!! I just need to find a solution on how to get better fuel economy and how to fix my cruise control that just went out about a week ago.
I have replaced the 4 coil packs and spark plugs on three separate ocassions, other than these times I have the van, handles well and have no complaints
undercarriage thumping and vibration noted when turning slowly ang upon initial accelleration.
I've had this car for a year now and it has been a pleasant to drive. Will buy nothing but Chevys from now on.
Incredible! 469 hp. Got to have it.
And the CLS55 is even better at 469 hp!
has worked perfectly for 102K miles, so far. The only thing that died was the radio/cd player, at about 80K miles.
Excellent car. Highly recommended.
great little truck a little light tho
I love my civics. this is my 3rd one. It now has 60000 miles on it and runs like a new one. Only problem I have is the suspension. It does not ride like an accord. But its great. Keep oil changed very 300 miles and it will take care of you. A good quality oil. I use Castrol GTX 5w20. GO HONDA

This CRV is one of the best cars I've ever driven, the safewty ratings are really good also, the most expensive repair other than a tire coming seperated and trashing the side panel, was the air conditioning , replaced the control unit, I kid you not this is an amazing little SUV style get about. Today the paints are oxidizing and I'm going to write the company to see where I can match that color. It's deteriating partially from a body & paint repair shop, and
generally old age, butits also starting to oxidate rather fast.
Great van ,cheap parts on internet,would buy again
Great car! I've had mine for over four years and haven't had any problems with it. It's also great on gas.