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love my s4
The car is great except for brake ( 30K ) and tire wear ( 45K ). The breaks DO stop on a dime.
The car does not have very good traction in rain or snow and I think it's due to the type of tires
it has - GY Eagles.
I've had this car for over a year and it's caused me nothing but problems. I had to replace my radiator twice, and my brake shoes have come apart.
Have been driving this beauty for five years and 100,000 miles. It has 133,000 miles now. Never gave me any major problems yet. I hope to drive this till it reaches 200,000. The only issue I have is the brakes wear of very easily (maybe because of my bad driving habits). I have been changing its oil on time and making sure all 30,000 services are done on time. Take care of this sucker and this sucker will take care of you!
I am over 90,000 miles on my 2006 Mariner Hybrid and it still runs great. Only needed new tires, regular oil changes (every 6-8,000 miles) and new wipers. I am just getting the brakes changed at 90,500 miles. My next car will definitely be another Mariner or Escape Hybrid.
I purchased the 99 Accord w/ 80,000 and have owned the car for 6 years.It currently has 140K. The Brake lines are made of carbon steel and rusted through, I lost all the brake fluid while driving and narrowly avoided an horrific accident due to complete failure of the brakes. They were replaced with Stainless Steel. I am very surprised there is not a Honda recall on this. The A/C Compressor, Rear sway bar, Exhaust, Clutch, CV Joints, Hydralic Pump, Timing Belt, Water pump were all replaced at around 100K. I basically think Honda is a well made auto, however this particular car seems to be a lemon.
I also own a 2003 Dodge Grand Sport with 125K and I have invested practically nothing in repairs. The Accord is killing me with repair costs. I am just glad the resale value is above average !!
i bought this truck with 123k and now after 1 year of owning it, its got 150k and only put in one major repair. this truck has plenty of power and i have slow benn upgrading it so that it will save me money in a long run.. 01 quad cab, 6in lift, 35" bfg, boost fooler, smarty, egt boost tranny gauges, upgradeing lift pump this week
This car looked great in the dealership but when the deal was done i soon realiazed this car was made out of cheap material inside and outside i dont know why GM would do such a thing to a car i mean the interior sucks its all cheap and plastic looking they didnt even try to decorate it the whole deal about being fwd.
I just bought this car for my mom from a co-worker for $800. Great car everything is in perfect operating order lol well except for the part were it has 293,467 miles on it. the car still runs perfect feels great and drives smooth as a caddy. And after all those miles it had its first fluid leak going to look at it on my day off work. Its more impressive than my 89 cougar ls that im halfing to work on every month, JDM vehicles rock!!!
I was driving this car today and all of a sudden the power steering went off and crashed it into the curb now the front axle is damaged followed by front right fender displacement and side skirt displascement causing both to break.
We bought our 2001 in Nov 2000, the very first year they came out. Now 125,000 miles in 10 years and all we had were a TSB for the front brakes (they were not big enough for the car, and Toyota had a TSB to replace the front rotors and calipers with larger ones - all paid for by toyota). All we've done is replace tires and batteries. We had two rear hatch latches break, but I figured how to replace these myself - an $80 part, and about 1 hour of your time (with the right tools). You can get to the latch bolts if you remove the two circle rubber gromets on the back panel, use your 1/4 extension to get to them. easy as pie. use a phillips head to open the hatch (only works about 5 times as the screwdriver bend the inners and make it unusable). I just replaced the radiator, easy to get one delivered online, DON'T get one from the dealer (About $450 rip off dollars), I got mine for $200 delivered to my door! All in all, best Vehilce I ever bought!
This is a Great car. 12 years old and has the original headlights. 150,000 miles and the only things I've replaced are the battery(once), tires, fluids and filters and the serpentine belt. If the new ones are this good I'd buy one tomorrow.
I LOVE KIA....GREAT IN GAS, COMFORTABLE, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. My first car was a 2004 Kia Optima, I had no problems with it, I even drove it to Mexico. I traded it in for a 2007 Kia Optima I absolutely love it...
I have owned this car for 9years and havehad very few problems and just the normal maintenance.The car gets very good gas mileage,22city,29-30 on the highway.I feel I really am getting my monies worth out of this car.
07 focus se this thing is a road turd for sure had some rain alternator got wet car shut down for 24 hours then worked again like nothing was wrong now car headlights and engine and accessorys wont turn off either must just be a ford thing car has 55,000 miles i owned since new did oil changes and everything on time
I love my little car ! enough said and she gets 40 mpg on highway
Great looks, great power, and great ride.

A full size car with that performs very well. The ride is comfortable, but the 1992 Seville handles turns very well. Engine performance is great.

My Seville has less than 100,000 miles on the odometer, but is still 18 years old. Some of the creature comforts are turning into minor annoyances. These can be replaced, however.

My biggest complaint against the car is the color. Dark red exterior with matching dark red interior. That is a lot of red. Steering wheel, seats, dash, carpets, roof liner, all dark red. The body looks great. The interior is comfortable. Just a lot of red.

The repairs are worth it. I will be hanging on to this one until it is time for my next Cadillac.
I have owned my Cadillac since it was new in 2001. Now with 100,000k miles, I have had absolutely no major issues with it at this point in time. Now the car does have the common North Star Oil leak, and it has had the intermediate shaft replaced. Those are not serious failures. But these are the common issues, and I don't care about a little bit of oil under my 9 year old car. All in all, this car has been very trouble free and it has more performance and handling than half the cars out there, and it will keep going for as long as I keep taking care of it.
I have been working on this nice looking and well appointed piece of junk for a year. Bought it used to tow boat and atrailer. Last summer, used once, wouldn't pull boat out of water running so poorly. Short of major overhaul, I have put fuel inj, elect repairs, emission crap at 50 bucks for a 25 cent piece of plastic. I love the looks, but its what is inside that counts. Beware, and get a gooood mechanic! Or like I do, I have a encyclopedia of stuff from the internet to fix things, most which were guesses. God, please help me pass the emission control...
I love my acura tl but imust say i bought this car from an auction at around 143,000 miles and ive had to change all the computers, replace fan, water pump, timing belt, battery and the starter
Interior parts become loose over time,brakes are sluggish, engine needs more power, we have done many things to fix this car over a 10 yr time span. Lots of money for the fixes !!
this car suck big time
I have a 1998 with a 350. It has a 3 inch body lift and 33" tires. She is a beauty. I love this truck, I bought it at 263,000 miles. It had a pretty good transmission leak, and had a miss in second gear. I promptly wrecked it about 5 months later and it was down for about a year. I had the frame straightened, replaced the hood and driver's side front quarter panel. The shocks are very stiff had almost no give when we wrecked, very hard on the back. But the wreck fixed whatever was wrong with the transmission, no more miss and just ever so tiny of a leak. I will never part with this truck. We have a fund we are saving for when the motor and transmission go out. This truck is my baby.
I have had a 2001 Escort for about three years now. I am a faithful chevy owner in most cases, but this car was bought for me. It has been a great little car, but I have had problems since it hit 130,000 miles. The alternator went out, Serpentine belt stretched, had to replace ac regulator, and a coil pack yesterday. But i will say, I have only spent about $900 on repairs and it has been a good little car. I could not believe how well it handles on snow and ice. My husband drives an 04 Cavalier, and his was impossible last winter, while mine just got around like a champ.
love this car more every day.
A German "muscle car", of sorts. Have had 2, and they are unbelievable fun.
Some problems with suspension when it get cold the truck won't raise up right away! I don't know what to do about that.
2000 model bought new in June 1999. As with all my Toyotas, this has been a great vehicle mechanically and I expect to have it many more years. It has only 64K miles (2010).

Problems: Air flow sensors had to be replaced over a 1 year period. Much too soon for me.
Hardware has fallen off, driver inside door handle broke for no apparent reason, the tailgate pull-down strap broke, and there are other hardware issues. It's indicative of cheaply designed and made pieces (plastic mostly) throughout the vehicle.

You can't beat a Toyota mechanically. I also own a 1997 Avalon with 120K miles and have had virtually no problems, and owned a 1990 Camry that had 180K miles and ran perfectly when it was totaled. It burned no oil and aside from normal maintenance (brakes, etc.) only the alternator was replaced.
i love my toyota... i just got lucky with it.. i bought it for $1500 with only 81,000 miles. I have it now for 2 years and im so happy that i never had a problem with it. i dont care how many new cars they come up with i wont change my car for nothing...