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I have always loved toyota and did love this car until the last year. the check engine light kept going on and off. we took it in and they couldn't find anything wrong with it. We took it in again recently and learned that it has horrible compression in cylinder #4 and burns oil. it would be over $1000 to rebuild the engine. this car only has 139K, and we don't drive it aggressively and have had it serviced regularly. makes me a little hesitant to buy another toyota with very many miles.
30000 Miles most on the Highway. No problems with brakes. EX-L 5 speed Manual 4 cyl. Drives well, handles well. Don't like the lid on the power outlet in front of the Shifter. The outlet in the center console is useless if there is anything else in there. A clunk in the gas tank when it is full. But I love the car, good performance and reliable. Good gas mileage, I avg 27+mpg, 24 if I am in town a lot.
Worth the money.
nice car. looking forward to seeing how it handles in the snow and ice. have to replace struts too soon though
Great Car
I purchased my 1990 190e 2.6L 6-cyl, with 176,000 on it in Royal Oak, MI from Karl Heinz Automotive, a private repair garage owned by a previous BMW-M-B mechanic who went out on his own years ago.

From the records, it seems like the previous owner purchased the car about 10 years ago with 120K on it and had it as a 2nd car. Much had been repaired on the car including paint, the heater core and anything else that needed it when the time came. I was out of a job at the time (I came from the automotive business in the Detroit metro area- no surprises here) so the price the price was a godsend. The repair shop said "everything worked" which meant that it had the main things like the brakes, exhaust system., A/C, new Brillstein shocks, replaced recently and the head and valves had been done within the last two years. The previous owner had been a Tuskegee airman, now in his 90s, and I regret not having been able to meet him as the car was sold on consignment.

The car needed tires and has a yet to be resolved problem with starting when warmed up and the tac rising to 2000 RPM, but it's been a pleasure to drive and my wife enjoys driving it as well. It's a classy old car and it treats us good, but I want to get the starting problem fixed before I destroy something beyond my ability to get repaired because of cost.
I'll be back at work in a week or two and hope to catch up with the repairs. I love the car and if I won the lottery tomorrow, I'd get a new E-Class Cabriolet for the wife, but I'd gladly keep the 190 2.6 for me and enjoy fixing it up. H. H. Birmingham, MI
Terrible car bought it with 50,000 mikes have had nothing but problems it is a money pit at every level
I like the 1999 XK8's styling and performance. Had to have the tensioners and timing chains replaced. That was a little expensive($2500).
this car is in good condition check engine and maintenece light are on
Trunk space is almost nil when the top has been opened. Cup holders are in an awkward position on the back center of cockpit, the pasenger cup holder is more accesable to the driver, it opens from the center console. The air turbulence in the cockpit will blow out anything not nailed down. A windscreen is available but I do not have one. The pickup when merging with traffic is very quick. The car sits low and is harder for other drivers may not be aware of you. You have to drive with the attitude your on a motorcycle and be aware of everybody else. The response to the accelerator is like driving a motorcycle. It is a very, very fun car to drive. The handling is outstanding. Exiting the car your almost sitting on the ground and is a little work to get to the standing position. When the top is down visability is 360 degrees. When the top is up there are nominal blind spots.
Very reliable and nice to look at. Comfortable and quiet. The only problem I had with it was one of the back windows stopped going down. Quickly repaired by the dealer. Hasn't had a problem yet I've had it for a year and a half. I recommend it to anyone. Just if ur going to buy it used completely check and test it out before signing anything.
Brakes went out at 10,000 miles, Sterring rack went out at 15,000 miles, Water pump went out at 25,000 miles, What is left?
volvo with greartronic transmition are the worst serie of this car they not supost to instal japones transmition on this car
107k and runnin great thanks to the Mazda engine.

Also not cramped like a civic. Nice arm room instead of being scrunched.
Junk worst car I`ve ever owned!!!!! It`s been to Honda 6 times cost me over 1200.00 dollars and it`s still not fixed...JUNK period. also for sale very cheap.serious inquiries onlyonly 52k leather coupe auto cruise control side air bags brand new tires and inspection red with black leather and spoiler
Best car I EVER had! It has 170,000 and is still going. VERY reliable!
i received this car from my dad (who bought it new) and its been the greatest joy. stereo is high quality (as good as aftermarket) takes off nice and fast even though its an automatic, and introduced me to an entire community of new tuners at sleek, fast and readily tuned. lots of room in trunk and holds up nicely in extremely deep snow even with a full load of passangers and their snow equiptment.
2004 SXT 20th Anniversary Edition, 154,000 miles: Great van, crappy brakes -- 4 wheel disc . Front rotors prone to warping. Have been told that the brakes aren't big enough for the van's 4300 lbs. All electronics work great -- DVD player etc. Power sliders quit at 100,000 and 120,000. Water pump leaks a tad, but what the hell, we've driven the piss out of it. Suspension parts were replaced early under warranty and then again at about 90,000. Overall a good, dependable van.
bought this car in march of 2003 and is very reliable. changed battery and anti-freeze in 2008 only because they were 5 years old. replaced tires in 2010 at 45000 miles with generals..gets 29+/- mpg around town. have had no problems except regular mtn...has a/t a/c pw bra pw ste pw wind pw locks cd player. a friend i work with offered me 5500 dollars for it, not bad since i paid about 11000 for it in 2003
Unforgiveably poor steering/handling characteristics. Poorly engineered front disk brakes give constant problems. Poor quality paint workmanship. I'd never own another Dodge product based on this vehicle.
Just like several posts down - I bought a 2001 Jetta 2.0 L GLS for my teen daughter. The car hasn't been the most reliable car I've ever own. Headlight lamps ($200 each), had to be replaced not because they burned out... but because the UV rays from the Sun fogged up the plasic lens covering. Cooling Fans, alternators, AC compressor, and the battery needed to be replaced and seemed to wear out faster than they should. At 95000, just had to spend $2500 to rebuild the top half of the engine. The Chain Tensioner failed... which caused the chain to hop several teeth on the cam, causing a piston to slap an exhaust value. Driver door window motor replaced twice, along with the window lift assembly (actuator), rear bulbs are a monthy replacement deal, and that crayon smell is from the wax sealant in the doors and undercoating (for sound and moisture seal) melts during the summer. Stinks up the car (no matter how many airfresheners you put in it) and runs down the driveway. Guess German engineering... is NOT made for 115 degrees in the shade in southern California. Although I like the safety (side airbags) and the safety cage (tank-like) body, I won't buy another VW... ever.
Owned for 15 years and it's still the best handling car I have experienced (it's now my son's car).
Perfect all pourpose vehicle in my opinion. Fun to drive. Reliable.
Ive had numerous problems with my 04 concorde. Major problems....catalyact converts, sensors, timing, camshaft,and much more. Ive only owned it for 2 years!!!!! Thats why they stopped making them!!!!
We bought our Subaru Legacy in 2006 and have had no problems with 53,000 miles on it so far, except for replacing two headlights and a fog light. We do regular oil changes and put new tires on it this year. I love the way it handles the roads and though we don't get much snow in Missouri, my daughter who lives in Idaho owns a Forester which she drives 45 miles to work over a mountain pass every day in the winter with no problems. Her experience inspired us to go Subaru, and we haven't been sorry.
Problems with air, AC, rear heater, AC coolant leak, engine lurches w/in first 2 miles in morning, both wheel bearings needed to be replaced, driver seat replaced 2x, wiring system is flaky
Purchased 2010 Equinox, 4 cyl, 2/2010. Love it. Plenty of room for 4 passengers plus lots of gear. Smooth, quiet ride. Only down side is minimal - would like interior lights for rear passenger use. Have to illuminate entire interior if a rear passenger needs light for something.
My 2006 GMC 1500 2wd only has 35000 on it So far I have had the Oil pan Gasket, itake manifold gasket, Waterpump. Idler pully, 2 fan switches.. Front rotors wore Bad Bad pads and the teperature4 switch I am going to switch to Ford

Buyers and owners beware.
love love love my truck
love this car however repeatedly replacing brakes, both front and rear, bought new, and at 82,000 miles had replaced rotors "6" times and pads "8" times (not exaggerating) headed towards the 9th set of pads. Dealer states normal wear and issue, My Lexus was fantastic on brakes, and wonderful resale value, which I know I will not have on this Caddy, but oh well wanted another Caddy, nothing like Caddys used to be and were, will most likely go back to foreign (Acura or Lexus) mainly for fantastic resale value and again up keep alot cheaper.