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Nice looking car, sharp handling, precise steering with good feedback, short distance braking, nice interior, comfortable driving position, practical liftback trunk.

A little bit heavy, not so powerful below 2700 rpm.

Problems: Overheating & need new head gasket, AC not cold & need new compressor, electric antenna stuck.

Overall, it's the best Celica ever with good reliability.

The car has a stiff feel when you drive it. The steering wheel and car respond well to each other, but the connection feels stiff. The power of this 4 cylinder surprised me. It is fuel injected and has eight spark plugs to burn the fuel well. the interior material is cheap to say the least, and the dash is Spartan and has NO frills. I guess you might say it reminds you of cars of the past like the Nash Rambler. It could have been a great car, but Ford got cheap like all US manufacturers and stiffed buyers to the max. Too bad, this car is fun to drive and I like it anyway. I have the LX convertible.
87,000 miles.4Dr. 4cyl. The heater/ac blower motor has a squeak that drives me nuts, on low speed. Just had both front wheel bearings replaced - I got a Direct Tire that is really honest and charged me $503 for both installed. They were going to do all brakes, but told me they are fine for now. I read online that is COMMON for wheel bearings to go on Grand Ams made in the late 1990's thru 2005. Figures GM did not get it right for some 15 years. They stopped making this model in 2004, but did a limited run in 2005 for fleet owners like rentals, lease companies, and fleets for corporations. It is a very well liked car for that use. I like the car overall. Been good to it, it is good to me. The factory-sealed transmission scares me, sometimes I think it slips or mis-shifts. Can't check the tranny fluid, as it is sealed. It is supposed to outlast the car, or you need to replace it or find a rebuilt one - if you can. I consistently get 20 - 24 mph. mostly depending on the weather. worse mph in the winter.
I have a 2003 oddessey , very disappointed so far, tranny went out at around 90,000 miles, honda had no clue they have tranny troubles(bull sh-t) they wanted 4700.00 to fix . Engine is now leaking antifreeze, sliding doors have had their issues, fairly noisy inside. Now for the good, nice vehicle if it would of went 200,000 miles before all of these troubles, so much for hondas being so dependable.
35,000 miles, absolutely no problems on any kind! I've owned several Altimas and currently have a 2001 Maxima with 95,000 miles. No problems with any Nissan ever owned!
Have had my 2000 V70 for a little over 4 years now. Currently has 148k miles on the odo. Recently had to replace steering rack (cost me $129 for a remanufactured OEM rack and I installed it myself), but this has been the only semi-major repair the car has needed. Sway bar endlinks failed around 120k, very common and easy fix. Everything else has been general/scheduled maintenance. I am definitely not the slowest driver in the world and I enjoy a good spirited run every now and then, but I maintain my car religiously. FYI Denso Iridium spark plugs work great in these cars, better performance and economy than OEM plugs. Don't forget to service your transmission too, even though the manual says nothing about doing so it should be done every 30k miles or less. And this model year is pretty much the last one before they became all Ford, which is one of the reasons I picked a 2000 model. Has been a great car overall!

P.S. Don't use a Volvo dealer for repairs. Find a local repair shop that specializes in these cars and you will save a ton of money. Volvo dealers will tell you anything to get you to spend money.
Got my 3rd rav4 with11,000 miles and 4 months old. Limited model. I've used this rav4 everyday as my personal car and also daily on a mail route thats 41 miles long. It now has 168,000+ miles. All parts get abused as a mail rt is very HARD on all parts of my rav4. Its been a great car. I go thur a set of tires ea yr and 3 sets of brakes. I'm glad their easy to change. Headlights, water pump, Rack & Pin and the alternator is all I'll replaced. I recmd' the RAV4 as a very dependable car. The 2.4L has been working great.
I bought this vehicle new in 2005. Same as noted by other owners-many headlight and brake light replacements. The vehicle developed an annoying rattle near the rear left door about six months after I bought this vehicle. The shop can fix it but the fix only lasts about 4 months. Only one mechanic in the shop can fix it. If he is not in the shop the other mechanics say they dont hear it. It is a common question by guests - what is that rattle. All said and done it has been a dependable vehicle.
Mine is 12 now and have had no major problems so far. Great reliable van.
I have a 2007 corolla. At 20000 miles the trunk wont release.Has to replace the latch. No cost to me. At 38920 miles car acted like the fuel filter needed replaced. Toyato checked it and had to replace the computer. Again no cost to me.
car is better on gas then my 95 accord 4 cylinder car and is smooth very nice reliable car
9 out of 10 stars for all out car worth the money you put into it with unlimited possibleitys
i have a 03 acura rsx type s . car is nice shifes smooth has 70k on it had it for 3 year the most time i hit vtec is like 5 time a mouth doont really race it. every fast.
My first new car. Love it, still going strong. No repairs to date other than a fuse for overhead light. I should take it in to see if the rear wiper can be fixed, it doesn't clean the window very well and I bent it trying to fix it myself. 120K!
I have the 2004 Ralliart Wagon. I can't figure out why they quit making this car. It is a very reliable car. Mine has never been in the garage for anything but maintenance. I do have the problem with the temperature control knob, but am very careful not to snap it off. Love the power and the gas mileage.
I brought my 04 Trail Blazer in 07 and it had 36000 miles on it, Now in 2010 I have 115000 miles on it and it`s still running strong. I`m hard on vehicles so out of all the ones that i own, This ones the best.
I have a 2007 Camry xle Had my water pump replaced at 50,000 miles. But this was a recall so I would check with your dealer mine was covered 100% and when I comlained about the problem I found out that this was a recall item. I am a mother of three and my amp went bad I do not listen to my music loudly or do anything that would possibly warrent my amp going bad dealership would not replace told I would have to by a new amp even though it was clearly bad to begin with. I bought a toyata after a bad experience with my Gm I guess its time to go to honda or nissan.
we purchased our crv in june 2009 brand new through the cash for clunkers program. bryan honda is excellent dealership to deal with. the service dept. is exceptional good after the sale to make an all around wonderful company to do business with. the vehicle is so far doing good . the only problem is premature wearing of the bridgestone tires originally installed. at 15k mile scheduled maintenance had to replace 2 rear tires!! one was worn down to 1/32 and the other down to 2/32. Unfortunately tires on new vehicles are not handled through the dealership but through firestone. we are beginning a litigation warranty battle with them but probably to no avail.
This car was great until about 60k miles and since then has required many repairs. Brakes are expensive to repair and at 108k miles it has failed a smog test. Fabric on interior door panels began peeling off even on passanger side which is rarely used. Would not recommend this vehicle to anyone. Hopefully newer models are better.
never again going to honda
I love this SUV I have 135000 miles and I have had no problems until know. The water pump is leaking. I figure replace it and hopefully nothing else will act up.. It does seem to go through headlights though.
Brakes worn out at about 17,000 miles
Delear told me 2 bring in my keys because they had a defect part could come loss in side replace both no charge
ac hose broke twice 2 summers the 3 hose replace with a longer one
Junk brake rotors and junk tires spells warranty work and thats bad business thats why Chrysler is still in a hole.
it's good car , but i have problem with gas pedal when I am going to FRWY it's going to out of control . now can you help me on that ?
I will NEVER buy a Volkswagen car again - this car has been the biggest financial burden of my life... I bought it used, I've had it for 6 years - it has 180,000 miles on it... it is absolutely worthless. I have a major repair on it every other month - each one costing at the very least $1000... the electrical system is completely screwed - lights and functions go out constantly. The tie rod ends wear out within months of replacing them. The plastic parts are literally falling off of my car and have been taped into place (lights, body, knobs, the sun roof)... It looks like a 30 year old car. I do not abuse the car, or treat it abnormally, I use it to drive to school and work... on the highway... I have it maintenanced regularly...
there is no excuse for a car to be literally falling apart before the owner's eyes within ten years of being made.
Completely pathetic ... I would never recommend that anyone waste their money on one of these Mexican built pieces of crap. German engineering my ass!!
I just bought a 97 geo metro, I love it! It's my lil purple people eater! :)
2005 Matrix ECM (computer) broke at 80K. It destroyed the transmission and blew one of the engine exhaust valves.Toy. corp. said "to bad your out of warranty". The costumer reps are kids in their 20s with no communication skills. Ride is bumpy, uncomfortable on long trips over 2 hours. Instrument panel takes 30 seconds to come on. Not good at night. Front tires wear very fast and uneven regardless of rotations. Nothing like my old Corolla that was made in Japan and gave me 12 years of service. Still ran good when I sold it. My Buick century also outlasted the Matrix.
1999 Buick Century, surprised me with ten years of comfortable ride. I had an engine gasket replacement and the clutch is slipping now at 115K. It actually looks like the trans fluid is overfilled , this may be the reason. I hope to run it to 160K miles or more. Also had the AC recharged ones. My stupid Toyota matrix at 97K blew an exhaust valve in one of the engine cylinders. Damn tyo. corp. said: "to bad your out of engine warranty" even so this was a direct result of an engine control malfunction for 5 yeras, which they replaced last year.
Bought this car brand new in 2002. Eight years later, still have it with no problem at all.