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This is a great car. I bought it used at 78,000 miles. I did have to replace a strut right when i got it. But other than that I have not had any major problems with this car.
This car handles great and has a very good turning radius. I did have a tail light go out which is more difficult to replace than it needs to be. ai have 50000 miles on it and the water pump went out. The repair shop said it was common. Cadillac is suppose to be GMs top of the line but they can't seem to make the engine last to at least 100000 miles with no problems.
Purchased this 2009 Camry just 2 months ago. I wasn't really looking for a new(er) car, but this car was in the parking lot of my credit union and was being sold at an excellent price! The car was 1 year old with 11K miles. It was previously owned by a Toyota dealership and used as a 'loaner-car' for customers getting extended service on their cars. It had no defects in the finish, excellent tires (Michelin Energy MXV-4s) and an excellent CarFax showing all the scheduled maint. completed on time. Both recalls regarding SUA (sudden unintended acceleration) were done... including a flash of the computer memory (ECM) so applying the brake will over-ride accelerator. So far this Camry is great. I like the ride... which is very smooth, quiet, with good mileage (26/32).

I first started driving Camry's in 1989 where I fell in love with the model. Since then I've owned two '94s, an '02, an '05 and now the '09 (still have the '05). The Camry model has been a reliable model for me. Very low maintenance - good mileage - and comfortable ride.

With all the recent bad press about Toyota, I really didn't think I was ever going to buy another Toyota product. I think a lot of the bad press is blown way out of proportion. This car is great!
I live in the Colorado mountains at 10,300 ft. The winters are brutal. I have had the pleasure of total confidence in whatever weather comes about in my Vehicross. This car is a tank. I put 104K miles on this vehicle in the last 5 years for a total of 142K with only maintenance and no mechanical issues. The back seat access is terrible and the visibility out the back is horrible. However, the acceleration, handling, reliability, and off road performance is superb. Watch oil consumption (it used oil even at 37K miles) and keep the EGR clean an this vehicle will last and perform. Finally, the Recaro racing seats are extremely comfortable and will take you easily on long trips.
I am a college student and got my 99 Solara used at about 70000 miles. It now has 172000 miles. So far I have had the tires replaced, lights kept going out but that is not a big issue, and had my rear brakes replaced. Besides that just the normal routine stuff. Overall I have really enjoyed this car. It looks sharp, had a lot of spunk to it and has taken a lot of travel and abuse from what is expected from a poor college student. My transmission has just gone out though and I am looking at spending 1500 dollars for a new one. That is why I am on here looking to see if it would be worth it for me to purchase a new transmission or scrap the car at 172K miles. ..... So far I think the new transmission might be worth it.
We bought this car new for my wife to drive and she loves it! My car was a 2002 Camry and the '05 model rides quieter and smoother than my '02. In fact, I just traded the my '02 or a slightly used '09 and love that one too. The '05 Camry gets decent mileage at 25/31.

There are 65,000 miles on the car now and the only thing we've had to do (besides routine maint) was to replace tires (~27K we put on Michelin Harmony tires), replaced battery after 3.5 years, and had to have the Catalytic converter replaced as it caused a 'check-engine' light. The CAT was replaced under the standard drive-train warranty so at no cost to us. This is a great car in my opinion!
Just as I went over the mileage for the warranty coverage, the transmission started acting up. The transmission started getting rough when it shifted from 2nd to 3rd and back from 4rth to third gear. When I went to get it repaired. The mechanic also noticed that the engine mounts were almost all gone and that the radiator mounts were all torn. The body, engine, heating /cooling, and electrical are all still in very good condition. There is a slight rattle when driving over some bumps. I'm assuming that I'll soon need to replace the struts and/or shocks. The large turning radius sucks but is not a major problem. I would be very happy with this car if it wasn't for the transmission trouble.
Purchased this 1999 Landcruiser 6 years ago with 102k miles on it - today have 175k with only expected repairs like brakes, O2 sensors, shocks. Solid vehicle and expect to get at least another 100,000 miles. Highly recommended other than the ave 15-16 mpg gas milage.
This car is good for first time drivers it has a few minor issues that if kept un supervised could go bad but good on gas and reliability i baught it at 74500 miles and have pushed it severly 8 hours of driving a week but once somthing gose wrong it gose quick it took my car 4 days from the start of the issue to the fuel pump giving out
Pverall Great car. DVD player view screen does not stay up, had issue with broken back seat laying down, currently having an issue with random lurching when starting from a stop we cant seem to find out why. drives great. CRT great. repair maintenance costs low
I bought a 2004 Saturn in 07. It had 48,000 miles on it and seemed to run fine.. until it got cold...or cool anyway. If the wind was blowing and it was a little cold, it would take about 20 tries for my car to start in the morning. What's really odd is, I had about 6 inches of snow on my car and it started right up! I have taken it to 2 different mechanics and they can't figure it out. Also, the turn signal keeps burning out and now that I kept replacing the bulb, the contacts that touch the bulb itself has burned in half. My inspection is due and now that Saturn is going under, I have to search for a mechanic that even works on Saturns and wait for the part to come in. Am really sick of this car. I had a Ford Probe for over 10 years and it NEVER gave me problems. I have this one not even 3 years and I'm already ready to get rid of it. Saturns are pieces of crap and I will NEVER buy one again nor will I recommend anyone else buy one.
It's a nice car
Just bought the truck so far i love it great truck
Love my 2009 Mercury Milan Premier V6. Loaded with everything except AWD which in my opinion is a waste of money. Car rides smooth, quiet and luxuirous. Love the all leather interior, heated seats and SMOOTH tranny. Averaging 24 mpg and getting 29.9 to 32.3 on the open highway. G R E A T C A R ! ! !
I bought this car from a previous owner, and they "uped" the engine, so some of it runs great and others don't, I had to replace the whole entire cooling system, long story short, good car bad owner...
2004 Kia Rio can really be surprising with all kinds of vehicle problems that it has eyes and ears so you need to behalf in it, while riding and driving. Problems of a 2004 Kia Rio and along the trail will eat your money throughout its lifespan. It can really be a good car, if only these problems do not exist... here goes the evils of 2004 Kia Rio.. Drive on a smooth road, if your tires are bad because it can hold you for two years,but once three tires become really bad, start buying one by one. After you buy the first tire, your wheel will start shaking like a cranky baby (alignment/axel problem) scaring you all the time as you take a drive on road and not making you drive on the freeway because the second tire will blow out on you. It is true that as you drive on a steep hill, it does not have the horsepower to go on the speed limit, as a very idle baby needing to be cradled, as other people would make a laugh at you on the road for slowing done on the speed limit. Then, again, it becomes so active in speed beyond the speed limit like an hyperactive crying baby without control. The Brakes are unpredictable because it does not hold onto a stop that its timing just sped you so fast that is why you need to leave one car space in front of you as you drive on the road. When it comes to traffic light stops, you need to start stepping on the brakes half-a-mile before you come to have the brakes stop. Its brake plates are bad because the lugnuts does not fit in the hole size, what a workman's craft in this 2004 kia rio. Kia company needs to replace its engineers for having a sleepy nonsense brain in math and design. Alignment/axel, a very noisy car, when it its bumps and broken road. Its door just lock you out and its window just trick you in the roll up. there is a ghost living in the 2004 kia rio, could it be that the previous owner died in the car of the worker at kia rio manufacturing shop. Wiper just cut you off, headlights panel darken its face. raditor, transmission, starter all are problems. Kia Manufacturing company needs to give all 2004 Kia Rio Free repairs for life. it is just a sickly car with too many ailments. thanks! Owner 0f a pre-owned 2004 kia rio
At about 115k the plastic plug protecting the engine from antifreeze and cooling fluid broke and the antifreeze went into the cylinders.
Back window rusted out. Fuel gauge is inaccurate measures 1/8 tank and is empty. From the dealer floor used 1 qt oil every 20000 miles - no smoke oil just gone - a perpetual oil change.
Blower motor intermittent as well as wiper motor.
Fuel lines rusted out and fuel pump just went.
i think there are problems with the cooling fan system and BMW is covering it up.
This is the second Ram that I have owned. I will not own anything but a Dodge for the rest of my life. This Truck is the best. 5.7L HEMI. Need I say more. If Raw Power is what you want, this is the truck you need.
My parents bought me this car when I turned 16. I am now 18 and still very happy with it.
Pretty good car
amazing truck!! i have had this truck for 6 years. its a 2004 1500 didg ram. the only problem is the left lamp always goes out
1998 rl , we purchased 5 years ago. Thee worst car I have had Terrible to work on . Parts bare hard to find unless you go to the dealer and then watch out, you are going to pay!!!! 170,000 miles onthis car and many problems .The final one was a blown head gasket or cracked cylinder head. Mechanics I spock to do not like to work on this car, say its a pain. Pain , thats what this car has given me plenty of!!!!!!!!
truck runs great my dad bought it in 1991 brand new and gave it to me in 04 in mint condition and seem to have blown the high gears in the trans from towing at high speeds but a guys gonna rebuild it for 650........ sweet home alabama
I bought it brand new 1999 it currently has 78K miles had the following issues:
1. Replaced ignition coil $500
2. Replaced o2 sensors
3. Replaced rear window regulator plus others $1500

Besides the above maintenance the car was very reliable and still drives as new. I enjoy the comfort, and safety.
this is a great car I put 280,000 miles on it..worth the $$$$
I love my Volvo! My husband however thinks it's a pain in the neck compared to our old Toyota. He prefers his old 240. The check engine light comes on even when there is nothing wrong. Our mechanic repairs it and it just keeps happening. So how would I know when there's really a problem? Also there is a loud squeak coming from somewhere in the suspension, I think. No mechanic has been able to find it. So my opinion on Volvos is truly emotional.
Bought my 2006 Trailblazer brand new. The first 40,000 miles started noticing that the black coating on the radio buttons were rubbing off? I have never had a car do that before. I didn't have any more issues until I hit 80,000. I've replace the following: Rear Tail light, Alternator$500, Electric cooling fan $600 and Blower motor $250. Also, random interior parts are just breaking and falling off(I don't have kids). The bottom of my seat, where the seat adjuster button is has broken off. A couple of rubber edgings have fallen off and just the other day I found a broken piece under my back seat. Oh.. and it took almost 2 years before the black rubber edging on my tailgate to stop running black tar down the back of my car!! HATE THIS CAR. Had a Montero that lasted me to 125,000 miles without replacing anything except for the brakes!! This car is ridiculously cheaply mad!!!
This was my 5th of 6 Subaru's and most likly my last. Front rotor's were an issue until I replaced them with a slotted performance set on all 4 corners @ 40,000 miles. My model was a LL Bean with every option, the interior was great except for the leather which was more like vinyl and not very comfortable for the liong haul. The heating and cooling was for the most part poor, I had to tape up the slot on the drivers side so my foot wouldn't melt with the heater on. I owner it for 8 years and 130,000 miles. The body held up very well, it was great in the snow. Not all that quiet with 2 sun roofs, seemed to have alot of wind noise. This one like all my other subaru's needed frequent alignments but that was with all the models I've owned. The son owns a 2006 Impreza and he just replaced the brakes and rotors after just 30,000 miles. By the way we're not agressive drivers.I've seen starting in 1995 when I purchased by first subaru, btw the best one I ever owned, that their quality has decreased but the sticker's have increased. Bottom line, great when the weather is bad but for the price there are better choices.
Sturdy vehicle, my biggest complaint is the ac.