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love the car! Speed demon!
AWESOME car!!! love everything about it!!!! :)
Wow what a truck! Simply the best factory 4x4 available on the planet. You have to know what you are gettting into with one of these rigs though. Its is not a car you can simply change the oil in and expect to run for ever. They require an attentive owner, and a good service shop...but if well maintained this could be your rig for life! once you get past your warrantees, there is a plethora of aftermarket gear to take this truck from basic to Bad Ass

If you really want to respect and enjoy the Disco, take it off road and see what it can really do in the environment it was intended for. Dont forget to smile and wave as you cruise past all your friends who got stuck in their lifted pickups and jeeps...if your feeling nice, throw it low and drag them out with no hesitation or trouble.(this thing will pull a house even with the 4.0L)

Bottom line, do your research on both the model and the specific truck...expect to have some maintenance costs.
Overall I like the car. Haven't had too many problems with it. I have owned it since 2006. Wondering if anyone else is having issues with their A/C button turning itself off. I have to constantly push it back in to make the a/c work. Also my carpeting in the front passenger side has come up along the side. Almost as if there wasn't enough carpet for it to lay flat.
Runs pretty well and overall for a cheaper car it runs really well.
I have a 2010 Mazda 3 and my wife was driving it the other day and all of a sudden it made a horrible noise and it wouldn't go over 20 miles an hour. Makes terrible noise when you put it into gear. So called and had it towed to mazda dealer and they said we damaged the underside of the car and it might not be covered by warranty. They said we need to have a mazda rep come and look and then they said they needed to have a japanese rep come and look at it and they called me and said that there is a small dent on the transmission cover where the mount broke and that is what caused it so we must have done it. We did nothing to the car. They said but mazda will give you the benefit of the doubt and cover it under warranty and give us a rental until it is fixed. Sounds a little fishy.
I bought this car from a family member who wasn't using it much. it had 75k miles on it. From then until now (110k miles), i've had to replace the following: Headlights (glass was foggy), rear struts, rear strut mounts, rear control arms, rear wheel bearing, 2 door handles (broke off). The car drives nice, if you like the really cushy feel to it. The stereo is not real great so I put new speakers in...helped a lot. The main downfall to this car is the 4 cylinder engine. It just isn't enough power. I have driven other vehicles with similar 2.2L engines, and they have better pickup and gas mileage. This car should perform better, and should get better gas mileage. Valve seals are going now, so I see that in the future. I am also replacing the plug wires and spark plugs this Friday....and the saga continues.
The body and interior is still in like new condition. I try to wash all salt and other corrosives as soon as I can.
The AC has a leak but I can get by without that benefit. I have replaced the suspension including torsion bars. The exhaust, electrical, drive train, motor is still all original equipment.
With proper maintenance, a vehicle will last.
I have had my car for 9 yrs. haven't had any major problems with this vehicle. i love this car. gas mileage is great.
This is by far the best truck I've ever owned. 5.9 CTD combined with a 6 speed is unbeatable. This truck is rated (from the factory) at 14k towing in reality it'll pull 20k. Only problems I've had with it are putting a thermostat in it and I need to replace a drag link to get rid of the play in the steering wheel (common thing with a dodge right along with a track bar). I've got the H.O. which was only offered with a 6 speed transmission and it was worth the extra money. It's got 178k on it with the factory clutch in it and it's still very firm. Overall this is an excellent truck for anybody that wants a workhorse. Just be sure to empty the blow by canister every time you change the oil, if you don't you'll get oil leaking down the front of the engine.
Best Car I have owned in a long while
I love this car so much A+++ easy to work on and easy to own.
2005 SL55 AMG

Extremely quick, comfortable, and enjoyable to drive. If roads are bad where you live I'd stay away from Low Profile 20's on this car, as I've had to have mine repaired twice in 6 months.

it's slippery fast when you really want to go and using the paddle shifters gives you even more control - head turner and worth every dime!
Horrible car .. sorry I bought it ... College Park, MD Hyundai, don't go there!!! Not too honest. Hyundai mechanics don't seen to know about the care (none that I have gone to). Do they train on other cars because they have no knowledge Hyundai repair.
I am actually Canadian but the site doesn't accept my postal code.

I owned my used 97 pathfinder SE since 99. It initially had 27000km when I bought it from a guy who babied it. It now has around 150000km and it's still drives like new.

There has been a few but expected repairs done on the vehicle. Three door lock actuators ($300 per), knock sensor (approx. $800 part of it was covered under factory warranty), exhaust (approx. $1000), anti-sway bar links (about $400), starter (about $300), water pump ($300). The upper radiator hose cracked and had to be replaced ($30).

There's the usual replacement of brake pads (2x so far), frequent oil changes, tires, etc.

Some of these repairs are just simply due to the age of the vehicle and are expected but they are repairs nonetheless. The retractable antenna is also not able to retract completely.

The body is still in great shape with no notable rusts except the hood is starting to rust due to some highway driving. I'm looking to repaint it if the price is reasonable.

The only complaint I have is the slow acceleration of the vehicle. While I don't expect race car acceleration, like my 90 CRX, it is very sluggish when going off the line. Fortunately, Nissan fixed this issue since the 98 Pathfinder. The 98's and beyond has a bigger engine (240compared to 170) and the acceleration has improved.

The engine, in general, has been more than adequate to handle city commute on a daily basis. Don't skimp on the frequency of oil changes as it'll come back and bite you in the end with costly repair bills. I do oil changes on the vehicle semi-annually to avoid any problems. $120 per year for oil changes is better than $1000+ every few years for your engine. Besides, once the damage is done, your engine will never be the same again even after repairs. Treat your Pathfinder like a lady and you'll be rewarded. The height of this vehicle also makes it versatile enough to hop the curb without damaging the suspension or the body to navigate tight turning radius's in the city, and it's also great on dirt roads for those camping trips.

This is one of the best cars I've owned. I've owned a Honda (for 16 year) and Toyota (for 6 year) before this vehicle. I love this vehicle for its comfort and cargo capacity. There's room for kids and the dog. Tons of storage for road trips. Handles well for a large vehicle. Decent gas mileage considering my heavy foot. I would definitely get another Nissan and recommend others to do so.
troublefree since I bought it in 04. Almost 50K miles with no issues.
My family has owned escorts for years and have always loved them, but when Ford decided to do the DOHC ZX2s, they destroyed the escort image. I purchased my 2001 Ford ZX2 in August 2001. Within days of buying my vehicle I started having problems. There was a hesitation in the transmission. The dealer mechanics were unable to reproduce the problem and basically insinuated it was because I am a woman driver. I drove it with the slight hesitation in the transmission for 2 years before the transmission finally went completely out. Of course by this time my warranty had expired. The car sat for over a year before I could afford to replace the transmission. Two days after getting my car back from replacing the transmission, the timing belt stripped out....which wasn't something I wanted to deal with after paying out all the money for the transmission repair. Not long after that the air conditioner quit working along with my driver side window. I had to have the car completely rewired and have the computer replaced. The car really has been one problem after another. It's now been sitting in my front yard for years since every time it gets taken out something else goes wrong with it.
Excellent vehicle. At 160,000 plus miles it still runs excellent and quiet. Owned for 10 years and haven't had any problems until now in which I am replacing the timing belt. It is noninterference which means that I won't encounter additional motor problems.
I have a 200 Audi A4 1.8T Quattro. I love it minus the repairs. But I can't thing of buying anything else but Audi in future. May I'll look for 2003-2005 Audi A4.
I love my G37S. The driving experience is wonderful. It's not quite as luxurious as the Lexus IS series on the inside, but it's real close. And what it lacks there it more than makes up for in sportiness.
Bought this truck as the 2nd owner..awesome vehicle! 185k mi and still strong. I am having some brake problems currently, but overall a solid truck.
I bought my 2006 Isuzu Ascender brand new in July of '06. I absolutely love this vehicle! I am going on 4 years now and have had no issues until last week. I have to replace my alternator and battery. I think that 4 years is pretty good for no issues!!!

I originally bought this SUV because I needed something with more room in it. This vehicle is the size of an Explorer, yet it has way better gas mileage. I usually get 29 mpg, hwy, and 25-26 mpg, downtown. I have yet to find a regular SUV with that kind of gas mileage.

The Ascender drives like a dream. Even my mother, who refuses to drive anything but small cars likes to drive my Ascender. It is very comfortable, and doesn't feel like you are in a big vehicle. If anyone is getting one of these, I recommend getting one with the separate air/heat controls in the back. Otherwise, your passengers may not get comfortable.

My only regret buying this SUV is not getting the 7-passenger. I never thought I would need the extra flip up seats in the back, but since I get such good gas mileage, everyone always wants to ride with me, and there always seems to be more people than my 5-passenger can handle (especially now that I have 2 children)! :)
Had this car for a couple years now actually, I found mine in a junk yard, paid 200 dollars for it because somebody was in a wreck that just messed up one of the fenders and thought it was broken now, I love idiots, anyway, it has about 200,000 miles on it and still drives better than anything else I've ever ridden in. I had to replace the heads on it when I first got it but that was just because of the wreck it had been in, but I haven't had any problems with it that weren't easy to deal with, being kind of old, the headliner started to fall so I tacked it back up, the power steering was going out so I just put a new pump in, one of the fan belts broke and knocked loose my transmission fluid line but i just put a new line and belt on it, and these are the only problems I've had after a couple of years, and none of the repairs have cost me more than a couple dollars just getting parts and things from junk yards, if you know what you're doing, it can be a great car, and it has to be a good car if it's lasted this long for me, I drive like I'm in Nascar and it still drives as smooth as the day I got it. Beautiful car, and amazing quality
We bought a 2001 Tribute new. We had to replace the transmission at 72,000. My wife was stranded 50 miles from home. Seatbelt sensors were replaced 3 times under warrantee and after warrantee the dealer soldered the wires for a more permanent fix. Brakes are poor and need to be replaced often. Rotors warped and master cylinder leaked. Just replaced it. Transmission linkage failed down at a plastic bushing at the transmission, again stranding my wife far from home. This is my last Mazda! 2001 ES-V6 4WD.
1) the electrical wire issue. Basically this makes the car a rolling wreck with it only a matter of time before they short out and your entire computer system and or EZL explodes...anyone out there care to guess how much that would cost (an EZL for this particular car is extremely expensive) I was told that the insullation was designed to be GREEN and biodegrade...which is why it falls apart...I really think Mercedes owes anyone still owning/driving some sort of help on this
This is a great car. I bought it used at 78,000 miles. I did have to replace a strut right when i got it. But other than that I have not had any major problems with this car.
This car handles great and has a very good turning radius. I did have a tail light go out which is more difficult to replace than it needs to be. ai have 50000 miles on it and the water pump went out. The repair shop said it was common. Cadillac is suppose to be GMs top of the line but they can't seem to make the engine last to at least 100000 miles with no problems.
Purchased this 2009 Camry just 2 months ago. I wasn't really looking for a new(er) car, but this car was in the parking lot of my credit union and was being sold at an excellent price! The car was 1 year old with 11K miles. It was previously owned by a Toyota dealership and used as a 'loaner-car' for customers getting extended service on their cars. It had no defects in the finish, excellent tires (Michelin Energy MXV-4s) and an excellent CarFax showing all the scheduled maint. completed on time. Both recalls regarding SUA (sudden unintended acceleration) were done... including a flash of the computer memory (ECM) so applying the brake will over-ride accelerator. So far this Camry is great. I like the ride... which is very smooth, quiet, with good mileage (26/32).

I first started driving Camry's in 1989 where I fell in love with the model. Since then I've owned two '94s, an '02, an '05 and now the '09 (still have the '05). The Camry model has been a reliable model for me. Very low maintenance - good mileage - and comfortable ride.

With all the recent bad press about Toyota, I really didn't think I was ever going to buy another Toyota product. I think a lot of the bad press is blown way out of proportion. This car is great!
I live in the Colorado mountains at 10,300 ft. The winters are brutal. I have had the pleasure of total confidence in whatever weather comes about in my Vehicross. This car is a tank. I put 104K miles on this vehicle in the last 5 years for a total of 142K with only maintenance and no mechanical issues. The back seat access is terrible and the visibility out the back is horrible. However, the acceleration, handling, reliability, and off road performance is superb. Watch oil consumption (it used oil even at 37K miles) and keep the EGR clean an this vehicle will last and perform. Finally, the Recaro racing seats are extremely comfortable and will take you easily on long trips.
I am a college student and got my 99 Solara used at about 70000 miles. It now has 172000 miles. So far I have had the tires replaced, lights kept going out but that is not a big issue, and had my rear brakes replaced. Besides that just the normal routine stuff. Overall I have really enjoyed this car. It looks sharp, had a lot of spunk to it and has taken a lot of travel and abuse from what is expected from a poor college student. My transmission has just gone out though and I am looking at spending 1500 dollars for a new one. That is why I am on here looking to see if it would be worth it for me to purchase a new transmission or scrap the car at 172K miles. ..... So far I think the new transmission might be worth it.
We bought this car new for my wife to drive and she loves it! My car was a 2002 Camry and the '05 model rides quieter and smoother than my '02. In fact, I just traded the my '02 or a slightly used '09 and love that one too. The '05 Camry gets decent mileage at 25/31.

There are 65,000 miles on the car now and the only thing we've had to do (besides routine maint) was to replace tires (~27K we put on Michelin Harmony tires), replaced battery after 3.5 years, and had to have the Catalytic converter replaced as it caused a 'check-engine' light. The CAT was replaced under the standard drive-train warranty so at no cost to us. This is a great car in my opinion!