Q: car would not start jump started turn it of was ok then would not start now why? on 2001 BMW 530i

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today,at home,after washing car I proceeded to vacuum the car turn the radio on, then when finish whent to start the car but it will not start,then jump started it, turn it off, later around 30mins would'nt start and when I proceed jump start,then turn it off ad try to start it but will not and the lights inside will flash listen to a cliking noise along with flashing, observed previously that the ligth for the air bag was on.
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It sounds like your battery has failed. while vacuuming your car and playing the radio without the engine running, hence your alternator not charging your battery, the battery was run down. jump starting it and running the engine allowed the alternator to charge your battery. your battery was probably already getting weak and you kinda helped finish it off. have your battery charged, then tested. find someone that not only can check the voltage but the cold cranking amps. that is the important one. a battery can have good voltage but no cold cranking amps meaning it cannot supply the amperage your starter needs to start your engine. hence, the fast clicking noise.
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