Q: car wont turn on on 2001 Honda Odyssey

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I m trying to turn the car on. no indicater lights whatsover come on. the dor wont open remotly so I change battery on remote and still wont work. didnt leave anything on in the car. 2001 boat it last week. been runing great until this problem showed up. cant open rear dors since car is all electrical. no roaring no engin turned on no sign of life
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Try jump starting the car using another car and a set of jumper cables. Allow the other car to run for a few moments prior to trying to start your car. If it starts have your battery charged and tested, also have the alternator and charging system checked. It is likely the battery or charging system has failed. If you have a volt meter put the voltmeter across the battery at rest the voltmeter should read 12.6 volts. Once an engine starts it should read 14.6 volts approximately if the charging system is working properly..