Q: Car won't start untill engine is cool down. on 1994 Honda Civic

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My Honda civic 94 will start with no problem and it shuts off after a few minutes and will not start untill engine cools down.
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There are three things that will cause an engine not to run, compression, spark and fuel. Since the engine runs we can safely say the compression and timing are okay so that leaves the two other issues spark and fuel. When the engine won't start you will have to determine if it's one or the other or both. With your vehicle I have seen no spark issues as well as no fuel issues. The two most common failures for no spark that I have experienced are faulty ignition coils and faulty igniters. The most common failures for no fuel I have experienced is the PGMFI main relay. Of course there could be other problems with the vehicle but these are the most common that I see when there is a dies/no start issue.