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Q: car won't start, installed new starter and still won't start on 1999 Mercury Mystique

was under the hood checking to see where a squeaking noise was coming from when the car stop starting !I kept trying to start it and then one of the ground cables started to smoke,I figured it was the starter I let it cool down and tried it again and it turned over slow but it did start, I then drove back to Dallas (300 miles)and it did not start again. I installed a new starter and it turned over good the first time and then started dragging and the ground started smoking again. I installed another starter and also a new ground and it did the same thing, It turned over good one time and then started dragging again and has not started, I can hear the fuel pump and it do seem to be getting gas and I don't know what else to try, can you PLEASE help me ?
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Clean battery cables and battery ground to the engine, it sounds like it's using an alternate or smaller ground for starting.
I had mention that I had installed a new ground cable, I grounded it on the starter base and directly to the battery, and it still drags, it turns over almost to start and then it start to drag again, it also sounds like its off timing or something
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Have seen other cars burn when the battery cable was not connected good. You have something wrong if the starter is drawing that many amps to be able to turn the engine. Have seen bearing to tight on a bad rebuild do that. I don't think the starters are the problem.
can you please tell me what else can be the problem, I'm at wits end !!! this is my only transportation, what else can I do or try ? A shade tree suggested that it may be the cam shaft sensor or /and the crank sensor, is that a possibility ?
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Those sensors are not going to cause the starter to burn the cable. Need to take it to a mechanic to check why so much starter draw, and why it is turning over so hard causing the starter draw.
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