Q: car won't start anymore on 1997 Buick Park Avenue

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My engine has stopped functioning. It's over due for an oil change. About 2 weeks ago the engine/car started making a taka-taka noise, like something was hitting against something. And yesterday, it stopped working while my brother was on the free way.

I added 3 qts of motor oil last night and it still wouldn't work this morning. It sounds like it's gasping for air (as if it were the battery--which was replaced in October) and than a metal scraping on metal noise(high pitched).

What can it be? Is the engine? Or alternator? Or have I ruined my car for good?
(1) Answer
You may have severely damaged your engine, but it will have to be checked out to know for sure. You should've had it checked when you first heard the noise, but you probably know that now, good luck!