Q: car wont start on 1996 Dodge Stratus

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i have a '96 dodge Stratus SE 2.0L with a manual transmission. my car wont start. When I compress my clutch pedal, and turn my key to the start position it will click at my PDC, but wont send juice to anything. i have checked everything on my charging system and have replaced my alternator, starter, and have a brand new battery. my relays and fuses are all good. my multi-meter is telling me that i have a complete charging circuit. it happened suddenly one day when i driving after i turned on my heat on high, my motor bogged down, and it just stalled out. when i ran my cars engine code test i got 12,17,26,24,33, and 42.
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Try swaping the starter relay with another relay or if you are knowedge in the vehicles wiring, bypass the starter relay by jumping the output terminals in the PDC. If the starter engages, your circuit is ok, and you may have a defective relay, PCM or PDC. If the starter does not engage, you will have to further diagnosis the electrical system.
i did this. and after i did so, i also checked the codes that my cars check engine onboard diagnostic test indicated that #42 in these codes stated that my ASD relay circuit was open or shorted, meaning the wires may be bad, or my circuit is stuck open, any ideas? (ASD= auto shutdown)
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