Q: car won't start on 2001 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

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ok i have a 01 monte carlo ss, and the car won't start at all, when i putr my key in and turn, i get nothing from the dash, all i get is radio and domelights n whatnot, the only way i kan get it to start is by unplugging the middle wire from the BCM then plugging it back and it will work but not for long, i had an aftermarket alarm on it, equip with autostart killswitch etc. i got it taken off when i started having problems with it starting and i was told i needed a new bcm. . . paid for it, still wont start, then i was told i need a new dash(instrument cluster) and it had to be prgrammed, put new dash in, no start, but before the cr gave me problems, i noticed it constantly said SECURITY and i've been gettin advice saying that its my passlock sensor and ignition cylinder will b swapped and programmed with new keys, true? if so, how much will it cost?
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The most common cause for the SECURITY light to illuminate on your 2001 Chevrolet Monte Carlo would be a faulty passlock sensor which is part of the ignition lock cylinder. It is to bad it took so long for you to find that out. The labor to replace your ignition lock cylinder should be in the $140 - $180 range plus the cost of the part. Make sure you have the ignition lock cylinder replaced - not the ignition switch!
When the fuel pump is bad it will blow a fuse under the hood. This doesn't happen in the very beginning with the fuse blowing. You may get fuel to the engine but you HAVE to check the PRESSURE.
Hi every one I have 2001 Monte Carlo that won't start I was driving eing car one day and it cut off while driving so I stop hurried up and pulled to said of road and I open hood and find a dfi fuse blown so I replaced it and car started back up so I got in car drove down Street for about 10 mins and same fuse blown again so I replace it again and when I got home car shuts off again so I checked same fuse again and it was good so I tired to start car and it will not start at all it sounds like it won't to start but nothing I have a crank no start problem so I replace crankshaft sensor and cam sensor and car still won't start engine light is on in dash and security light is on I'm getting fuel but no spark at all