Q: Car won't start. on 1999 Honda Accord

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My car will not start but my dash board lights still come on when I turn the key. Once in awhile the car will start 15 minutes later but this last time it would not start at all. I have not been able to use my car for the past two weeks. (Thank you for your help!)
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It's very difficult to diagnose a no start problem without having the car in front of me. That being said there are two issues that come to mind. The first issue is the Immobilizer. Does the green key light illuminate then go off after a few seconds? If it flashes then there is an immobilizer issue and that will have to go to a Honda dealer for repair. The second issue could be a PGMFI main relay. Sometimes this relay will fail and will cause the fuel pump not to operate. Again these are two of the most common issues I see on 99 Accords, there could be something else that I can't see that could be causing the no start problem.