Q: car wont start on 1992 BMW 735i

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my friends car sometimes will not start...runs for awhile shuts off wont start..wait 10 minutes then will start sometimes.
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It could be so many things it is almost impossible to speculate without being able to do some basic diagnostic tests. The first thing to isolate is when the car fails to start is it loosing ignition spark or fuel, crank it over when the car won't start see if its got spark at the spark plug. A lot of electronic sensors are shared by both fuel and ignition but basic tests need to be done before jumping to conclusions.
i went out and bought a brand new fuel pump for my 1991 735I and that was not the problem, i found that out after i allready bought the part, make sure before you spend your money you check to make sure the fuel pump dosent work because my car is still sitting in my driveway with the same problem....SHE WONT START