Q: car won't start on 2009 Pontiac G6

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started car and door lock were locking and unlocking. Shut off car and it started. Locked car and came back to it and all the lights were on. Tried to start it with remote start and it just started clicking. It won't start but all the lights come on and all electrical works but then goes haywire. Walked away and all the lights came on again. It's like it is possesed.
(2) Answers
The EXACT same thing happened to me tonight! IT clicks when I try to start it, all the electronics flicker and it goes nuts. The radio wouldn't turn off. I noticed the display said changer parked. That is the CD changer locking itself because of a batter disconnect most likely, according to what I've looked up. Tomorrow I'm going to try to disconnect my battery and see if it starts!

Please let me know if you found a solution to the problem as I don't have another vehicle and I am supposed to be leaving in a few days!