Q: car wont shift into 2nd gear, i think,P R N D 2 1. in 2 acts same as if in 1 on 2001 Mazda Tribute

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Ttook it to a tranny shop and said it was P0732 and p0734. Told me a new transmission was needed without even opening the hood. wouldnt even let me see the machine that supposedly came up with the codes. I know these codes are for gear ratio. Any suggestions.Like shift solenoid or VSS. I dont want to replace parts unecessarily. tranny fluid is good not burnt smelling. I get bout 230-240 mile on a full tank. not sure if it goes into o/d or not.
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IF they are not explaining things to you BEFORE you get a major job done , just imagine how they'll treat you AFTER. GET references for another shop!! And don't forget to vote!! I hear Mickey Mouse has a really good chance this year!