Q: car wont re start. on 1998 Ford Explorer

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runs great when it runs. when i turn it off for the night and try to start it in the morning, the engine cranks like crazy, but wont start. had it towed several times to shop and the mechanic says it started for him and he could not find anything wrong. help
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There should be some 'no start' codes stored in the engine computer memory like for a bad crank sensor, cam sensor etc. Fords have 5 different types of codes to be read, many guys don't know how to deal with all of these. How old is your battery, because a marginal battery will crank over the engine, usually a bit slowly, but the computer will not let it start, because it sees a weak battery. I have seen many guys fooled by this, and because the headlights works fine, is no real test. You need to see at least 10.1 volts during cold cranking at the battery terminals, not 9.6, that is an out of date spec.
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