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Q: car wont go and shuts off on 1998 Ford Mustang

the car starts up fine but when you push in the gas it looses power and it shuts off but when you turn it on it idels fine
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Is the Check Engine Light on? Even if the Check Engine light is not on valuable information may be stored in the computer in your car that may hold useful information in diagnosing the problem with your Mustang. A scantool is needed to interrogate the information stored. Your engines problem could be a loss of fuel pressure or supply volume, an exhaust restriction, or the car's computer has seen a fault and put the car in a "limp home mode".
Its hard to guess without being able to drive the car and experience the problem first hand.
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Sorry I remember writing Explorer not Mustang. The problem you are experiencing wont be oil related. It is unusual that the problem occurs on deceleration. It is more likely to be an ignition problem. Faulty spark plug, spark plug wires, ignition coil pack ect...The ignition coil is under most pressure on sudden acceleration when the mixture goes lean until the engine's computer can process information form the air fuel sensor and air flow meter and richen up the on time of the injector. Ford are a little slow to set the check engine light for misfire.
Your car uses one coil pack that supplies ignition to all four cylinders. Check the spark plug wires and spark plugs.
well i have a 98 mustang and i tried to drive it last night around the block to see if i can figure it out. When you start going as in 1500 rpms it starts to sputter when you let off the clutch. Then when you rev it up to 2000 rpms it goes. Could it be the lack of oil getting into the engine? or some kind of sensor?
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