Q: car will turn over but won't start on 1995 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

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I was leaving and while backing up started to bog down like out of gas. put gas in it right before got home. Got in the road and it died. pushed to curb and haven't been able to get started since. will turn over but won't start. Replaced the fuel relay and checked filter and looks fine. would there be any kind of button i would need to reset or would it be my fuel pump.
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A fuel pressure check would need to be performed to accurately confirm failure of the pump. Special tools are required. Also make sure your security light is not flashing. It cuts the fuel.
What kind of special tools are you talking about? Would I have to go to a shop or is there any cheap way of doing a pressure check? I am pretty sure that the security light only flashes when you first turn the key on then after couple seconds it turns off. thank you
listen for the hum aka (starting of the pump kicking in) in tank when you first turn key on if not probaly the pump , also can be a weak pump