Q: car will turn over but not start--has gas on 1992 Ford Tempo

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Will turn over but not start. There is a disconnected hose but don't know where it goes.
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There is a few things that will cause you condition. Here are some quick test you can do to try to pin point the problem.
1. Spray pull of one of the park plug wire from the spark plug
place it close to something metal or put an old plug in it and place it on something metal on the engine.
2. Have you friend crank the engine and see if there is spark. If O.K. place wire back on plug. If no spark you have a ignition problem and you should have it looked at by a repair shop.
3. Remove the big rubber hose that lets air into the engine and spark starter fluid in the motor. If the engine starts but then stalls you have a fuel problem. Maybe a fuel pump and you should have it looked at by a repair shop.
Hope I have help out
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