Q: Car will start,but will not idle on its own. on 2006 Lincoln LS

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Car was running fine. One morning I went out and started the car by the passenger side. Car was acting like it was choking and it stalled. The car would start momentarily then stall. Pushing on gas pedal really made no difference unless you found like a "sweet spot" Changed the battery, it will start but still won't idle.It is not throwing any codes on the message screen except change AC filter. I can hear the fuel pump run when key is first turned to the on position. There is a box on driver's side with a nozzle on it, with what appears to be a nozzle with light blue cover. Nothing comes out of it when key is turned(husband said he thought it is the INJECTOR PUMP)
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I do a lot of repairs for the Sheriff's office; They use Ford's for patrol cars with throttle by wire throttle bodies. Have had the same symptoms on many, And have replaced the throttle bodies on many of them. Have it tested to be sure this is your problem.
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Trouble codes would be retrieved by connecting a scan tool to the OBDII connector under the dash. Your going to have to get this to a shop so a technician can figure out what is wrong for you.
Get someone to retrieve the trouble codes. Most common failure is the throttle body,but you need to make sure what codes you have and go from there.
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