Q: Car will only accelerate to 45 miles per hour. on 1994 Buick Century

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Chronic problem
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What other symptoms? How hard is it to get to 45? Does it start and idle normally? Does it shift gears correctly?Do you hear a strange hissing noise from exhaust when accelerating hard? Is it smooth or rough running when at 45? You say "chronic problem' ---how long --miles and time? What other repair attempts made and by whom , a shop or personal?
1. What other symptoms? I t stops at the stoplight after running smoothly for various miles. 2. How hard to get to 45? Very easy it acclerates and tranny shifts normally until reaching 45. 3. Start and idle normally? Yes 4. Does it shift gears correctly? Yes 5. Strange hissing sound? No 6. Smooth running at 45? Yes, it may hesitate to 35 when decelerating. 8. Shop completed timing chain tensioner replacement, fuel pump replacement, plugs, fuel pump and exhaust system has been replaced and starter replaced. I do apologize for not responding earlier.
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