Q: Car will not turn over-lights and electronics work but no noise or engine noise on 2005 Honda Civic

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I put my key in and dash lights up,with all of the engine indicator lights,radio comes on and even the windows work but when i try and start it,,,NOTHING,,,no sound,,doesnt even try to turn over. I just replaced battery because of the issue and knew it was about 4 years old. Car has just under 100k miles
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If you have a new battery as you stated, and there is no 'ticking' noise when you turn the key, there is probably a problem with the starting motor. Need to test to see if power going to it. If so, and its not turning over you probably need to replace it.
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Check the connections to the battery and the starter. Also you can turn the igniton on , turn the head lights on and try to blow the horn. If all work well and the lights do not dim and the horn sounds normal, your battery and alternator may be fine and the stater will have to be checked. Hope this helps.