Q: Car will not start. Started when we taped on the starter. But not after repair. on 1996 Saturn SL2

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Replaced Starter. Replaced battery because it was about time for a new one. Checked fuses.Replaced CPS,Fuel pump runs when key turned.Tested spark to all spark plugs. Think it was 12.5 ohms on all injectors. Cylinders should be flooded after sensor test but L134R were completely dry. 2 being damp. Seems 134 have 1/4 gas in the injector electrical connectors. Dried them and tried. Injectors get approx 0mv sitting / 100mv with key to on position / and 250mv while cranking. Belt rotates momentarily during starting attempt. Fuel test port has gas but got to get a gauge. I hear the starter turn for about 2 sec when the engine cranks or not. hmm
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