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Q: Car will not start. Engine trys but will not keep going. Need any thoughts. on 1996 Saturn SL2

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Replaced Starter, has voltage to starter, Battery is new and new CPS ,Disconnected Coolent Sensor.Fuel pressure good at pressure valve. New Spark plugs and wires are fairly new. Got shocked on the right coil during start using meter and touching ground with palm,opps. So I would say that side is good. Not going to do the other that way ;p. Got to check for flooded plugs and see if my brother set the gap on the plugs. Going to try starter fluid to see if it helps after lots of trying to start the darn thing. Gonna pull plugs and clear chambers first. Muffler moves a little during crank. No smoke no dripping fule or oil.
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Engine is flooded! When you unhooked the CTS, it dumped a bunch of gas into the cylinders because it thought the ambient temp was like -40!
Remove plugs, purge gas from cylinders, clean plugs and blow dry, install plugs and hook up everything. Try to start it again.
Checked the plugs and made sure the gap was correctly set.The spark plugs were dry. There is no fluid in the chamber. Seems to be completely dry in 1 2 4, Little bit of moisture in 3. Can hear the fuel pump turn on and sounds like starter is turning during start. hmm Fuel rail not sending fuel can be my next guess.
Plugs should have been wet. Check fuel pressure, with a fuel pressure gauge. If, 'IF' SPARK is ok, injector pulse should be ok! Just because it gave you a jolt does NOT mean spark is sufficient! You say "sounds like starter is turning during start" IS IT? Possible drive componet locked up, remove drive belt and try to start! Have seen this before. One of the posted answers has got to help you out!
Friend brought over a scanner and no codes. The engine has spark at all the spark plugs. Now just got to check the injector pulse. Went to test injectors and found fuel in the right two connectors. Now the left one too after another test start. Chambers should have flooded not the connectors. Dry them out and test. 0v on the connectors, up to 100v when key turned to start and meter jumps up to around 250v or so when cranking. Fuel back in connectors after trying to start. 12.5 ohm on each injector. Have to get a fuel pressure gauge still.(fuel at the port has a nice spray just got to check to make sure its correct.
Get some throttle body cleaner (I don't like starter fluid) and spray a little in the throttle while cranking and see if the vehicle will start. If it starts check for fuel injector pulse. If it does not start check compression for possible timing chain issue.
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