Q: car will not start and it was just fine yesterday on 2006 Nissan Maxima

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this morning we went to turn on the car but it will not start. it just does a clicking noise. it has gas and nothing was left on during the night. we are no where near home. we are on a family vacation so we are stranded. does any one have and idea what the problem could be
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It is most likely to be a battery or a starter problem. The first step would be to try jumping the car and seeing if it starts. Are you a AAA member? Do you need helping finding emergency roadside help?
Sounds like a dead battery. Like person said before jump it off. Then I personally would go ahead and replace the battery. Yes you can recharge the battery....but how long will that last. Your alternator should put a decent charge back on the battery after you get it started. But It went dead will prolly go dead again. Unlesss you might have left an interior light on or something of that nature to cause the drain. Just my 2cents. :)
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