Q: car will not start again on 1997 Mercedes-Benz E320

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last week, fuel arrow was just above the low fuel indicator light, light was off. can didnt start, it did crank, try that 10 times. finally it started. the next day morning it started,drove to work, everything ok..could start after beening park for 8 the morning it started. I replaced the fuel filter..I started and ran better than ever! however after driving the car for about 15 mins..parked it and turn it off..It would not the morning car started..
I did disconnected the battery to remove the fuel filter. after connecting the battery it made a sharp sound, like from dashboard,I did notice that the radio panel it reads "code". thank you in advance!
(1) Answer
My Car did the same first time today. After 10-15 min drive it did not start. Waited for 30mins and it started. Did you get you rcar fixed? any clue for the fault?
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