Q: Car will not start after fuel pump replacement on 2005 Chevrolet Cobalt

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I own a 2005 chevy cobalt. Recently i hit some debris on the hiway that damaged the fuel pump. and caused a check engine light wich was a short in the vapor emissions circuit. After replacing the pump the car will not start. nor do i have any fuel delivery. I suspect a problem elswhere due to the debris but where?
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Fuel guage is working no damages to wiring that i can find. Replaced pump relay thinking that may be it. Nothing
Did the car quit running when you ran over debris? At what point or when did the no start condition occur?
It quit when i hit the debris. The fuel pump assembly was shattered ireplaced the entire assembly.
Well, you obviously have an open circuit to the pump, it is either a bad fuse, relay, wiring, ecm or ecm related.
That is all i can tell you.

I have a question, how did this "debris" shatter the pump module, considering it's location????
Cked pump with multimeter. Ok. Power across pum solenoid but no power to connector for the plugin for the pump. Pump fuze ok. New solenoid. Now what?