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Q: Car will not start! on 2004 Chrysler Crossfire

I took my crossfire into the dealership a couple of months ago and was advised that I would need a new central locking modular installed. I told that the car would be fine but I will not be able to use the key to lock and unlock the doors nor will the door lock switch work. Recently I went to my car and put the key in and it would not turn to the on position. The key will not do anything. The car still has power as the lights and everything still come on but I can not start the car. Does anyone know if the modular is causing this or if this is another issue.

Thanks in advance!
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I sounds like your ignition key does not turn at all, correct? - that is usually a mechanical condition within the ignition lock cylinder caused by worn key or lock cylinder. If could also be possible that the steering wheel is turned to such a position that the steering wheel lock is causing the ignition lock cylinder to bind. If you can turn the steering wheel sightly in both directions then this is not your problem. Back to the key - if the key looks worn try another key if you have one. If not have a new key made from the factory codes - don't just copy the old worn out key.
I had to replace my ignition lock cylinder and got a new key as well for a 2005 Chrysler Crossfire but my car will start but won't keep running. The Chrysler dealer nor the Mercedes Benz service will work on it. I need help very puzzled.
I have the same problem with mine, its a 2004 model. Just every once in awhile the ignition key wont turn. Doesnt matter what you try it just wont turn. Last time it took 45 mins of constant trying then it just turned. That was a month ago and havent had the problem again. I tried turning wheel and everything. If anyone knows anything about this please let me know. Thank you.
Same thing happened to my 04. I had to replace the ignition cylinder and get a new key. I have had no problems since then.
Had the same problem with my wife's car..2004 crossfire.. Take to dealer and have them replace the ignition switch, you'll be fine after that.
Just had same condition. Chrysler saying they will pay for anew Power Control Module but I have to pay $1100 for a new Wirless Control Module. They wont explain, wondering if its a hidden recall? They cant explain why its failed or what causes it. Good Luck, did we get lemons that took 5 years to ripen?
I had similar problem on and on until an expert advise me to put a new Relay engine and the part was only 160.00 dlls ( it is the part where all the fuses are locatediit is located by the passenger side
Who installed the relay part that you mentioned? Have you had any problems since?
I am among the Crossfire "no fire" problem. I called Chrysler's complaint line and was told because my warranty expired they can't help.... I wouldn't let up, so Chrysler then gave me NHTSA's number to call. I then called and filed a complaint with NHTSA. I was shocked to find that only two people have filed a complaint with NHTSA at this point. Call NHTSA folks, 1-888-327-4236. Very curious to hear if anyone had another problem after the various ignition fixes. Love my car, hate this problem!
I actually did the same thing...mines would not start...had it towed to a shop....they changed the key cylinder and the car did the same thing the next day...I went on the net and researched relays...I found one at a local shop for $70. I found the instructions on how to change it online and did it myself...It was fairly easy...just the location of it
Yes you need a new locking system. When Chrysler replaces the module, it comes with a key, but that key does not have the transponder to start the car, it only fits the lock. You have to use your old key or order a new one, $167 I believe.
i just had the same problem today!!! the ignition will not turn my key at all!! i talked to the dealer and they said i may need a new ignition module?!?! but after reading all of these posts i think its just a worn out ignition lock and a worn out key. If i was to get that fixed about how much do you think that would cost? And on another note...yes my car has been stalling out on me for the past 2 years. Chrysler changed a hose & crank starter. Im guessing its probably the fuel pump?! I dont know what is up with these stupid dealers...arent they supposed to be the experts if they manufactured my vehicle!
The same thing happened to me a few years ago. I tried for more than an hour to get the car started, ultimately called a tow truck. Took it to Chrysler, they didn't seem to know what happened. It hasn't happened again thankfully.

Today I have a new issue. Someone vandalized the car - jammed something into the door lock cylinder. Needless to say the key doesn't work manually in the door any longer. The door lock mechanism on the dash works fine - both doors lock when it is engaged, and the doors lock automatically when I pull off to drive... The remote will not open doors - I replaced batteries, still nothing... Guess I'll have to replace the cylinder.
I feel that it should be a recall on this model vehicle because I am having the exact problem. I drove it one month ago, parked it, then the next went to drive it to work and was unable to get the key to turn over the ignition. After reading everyones answers to the problem, I'm going to call the dealer tomorrow and see if I can get a factory key code for another key to be made first. Then, if that doesn't work. I will have them install another ignition lock cylinder, hoping that will solve my problem.
My 2004 Crossfire is doing the same thing, the key will not turn in the ignition. I have to sit there and try and try to get it to turn for the car to start. If I leave the key in like at home in the garage it is no problem but when I go shopping and pull it out and lock it up and come back out and put the key in it won't turn. I have been leaving the key in the ignition when I go to town but fear I am gonna get my car stollen. My husband had been spraying 10W40 into the ignition and it works for awhile.
I would like to urge everyone that is having trouble with your key turning in the ignition to contact and maybe we can get them to have a recall on this. Click on contact us, then click Recall or customer satisfaction and then click send e-mail. You will need your vin. number and milage. Even people who have had it fixed could maybe be reimbursed. My 2004 Crossfire has 27,000 miles on it and I am having this problem. It is not fun driving it anymore when I come out of work or a store and have to sit there for 10 or 15 minutes trying to turn the key and wondering if this is the time I am going to have to call a tow truck.
The problem is within the key lock cylinder housing. If you pay the "supposley" know it all dealerships, you will have same problem again. There is a piece inside the housing that needs to be drilled by a professional locksmith and. Approx. cost $100.00 labor no parts. After that you will never have any problems with key not turning. Dealerships are to stupid to figure this out. Most whom are at dealer are parts changers only. Carry your car to an independent garage and you will save alot of money and headaches.NO PARTS NEED TO BE CHANGED AT ALL!!!!!! New part from dealer has not been updated so dont waste your $1100.00 to have the same problem in another couple years.
I am having the same problem with my 2004 x-fire and the dealer is telling me it's going to cost $1100.00 to fix. I was also told by my ex-fiance that I just need to get a locksmith to fix the cylinder which would save me about $1000.00...will call a locksmith tomorrow and have my car tolled back home and let the locksmith repair it.
were you able to get a hold of a locksmith that would touch your car. They wont entertain it here in San Diego....
i believe it is primarily a mechanical problem. i had the same problem. i removed the ignition switch and gutted it all except what i knew was needed to be there. i removed a switch that i think was for the wheel lock and i removed the lock. it was alot of work. drilling, sawing, hammering and just beating the hell out of it. after removing all unnecessary parts i reinstalled it. i noticed that the mechanism was still a little sticky but figured it would work. very rarely, it will need to wiggle it to get it to work but at least i dont' have to sit there wondering if i am going to have to call a tow.
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