Q: Car will not start on 1998 Honda Civic

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Thanks for your answer. More info. My car has about 65,000 miles on it. It has a short ram air intake, new. I have already fouled 3 sets of spark plugs, so I know that there is a lot of fuel getting to the cylinders. I unplugged the injectors and the car started. When the fuel was burned off, I plugged the injectors back in. The car spins over easily but still will not start. Any thoughts now.
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What model Civic have you is it a VTEC?
Any Check Engine Light on?
Your car has on board diagnostics (OBD2). There is a 16 pin connector under the dash that communicates with a scan tool. Information available on the scan tool will show Long term and Short term fuel trim, and live Coolant temperature sensor (CTS)data. If say it is 75 degrees out side and the CTS is telling the computer it is 30 degrees outside well the computer is going to dump in a lot of gas because it thinks it is freezing. The scan tool will also read how uch air the computer thinks is going into the engine, if it thinks there is a lot of air going into the engine when in actual fact you are at idle it again will try sending a lot of fuel into the engine. Engine read airflow to the engine by using a Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor (MAP).