Q: car will not start on 1998 Lincoln Navigator

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when i turn the ignition it just goes click and the battery is good the air went out the back
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i am having a simillar problem with a 99 navi. try to start then clicks as theft light flashes...i reset the battery then sometimes it will start right up..what could that be?
I'm having the same issue with my 2001 Nav... DId you ever resolve this? We have been told it could be Fuel pump sensor/module or Fuel pump.
just got my 99 Navi back they replaced the start relay, hey guess what I still have to move the shifter lever over to start it. Dealership sucks
This has happen to my Navigator twice. I know this sounds strange but it was the security system that locked the entire system. When you would turn the key just a click then nothing. Triple A insisted it was the battery which it was not. We had been in the car with the engine off and the radio on and then when we went to start the car nothing. The solution that worked for us was to close all the doors from the outside and lock them with the key fob leave the car like that for a few minutes and then using the key fob open doors and start the car.