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Q: Car will not start?
on 1996 Cadillac Seville SLS

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Heard a loud pop, car died and will not restart.
yes it does. Had a rear passenger and they said it felt like it was under rear seat. Is it possible for fuel pump to make loud pop like that?

Under what conditions did this happen? Running down the road, sitting still??? Cant guess at it!! Tell the story!
We were driving down the highway. It was snowiNg so we was going about 35 mph. Roads were bad reason for goinslow. We heard a. Loud pop come from back of car. We thought at first blew a tire but car never reacted that way and car slowed down we pulled over. It would not start back up. Towed it. There. Were no loss of any fluids or anything. Friend was riding in rear passenger seat said it felt lIke a bump under his left butt on seat. Totally puzzled on what it could be.
Check for damaged wiring from an object on the road hitting the underside of your car. The pump itself is not suspect!
Ok. We r getting ready to Get It towed as to It is 30 miles from home. Thank you for your trouble shooting so far. We thought we hit something in road but there was nothing in Rd but sounded like blown tire
That, or a similar scenario, is the only logical conclusion/solution to this. However, automotive problems can defy logic at anytime. I love my job!!
Let me know what is found...keep this in mind while searching the suspected area of the "loud pop" noise.
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This will have to be diagnosed by someone who can look at your car. Sorry but we would have to have more information as to what caused this issue before we can diagnose over the internet.
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