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I was driving home from work one night about 2am and my car shut off from overheating. I checked under the hood and found out that the radiator cap had come off and majority of the coolant had left the car. I turned the car off and allowed it to cool. I was less than a mile or so from a late night gas station where I was able to put some water in the radiator so I could make it home. The car shut off 2 more times before I made it home, I repeated the process of allowing the car to cool so it would crank up. The car cranked everytime I allowed it to cool off. I parked the car for a few days when I could get a chance to check it out. When I got around to the car it cranked just fine after chraging the battery back up. I let the car to idle in the yard for about 30 mins or so to see if it would overheat and shutdown, it never did and I test drove the car. I drove the car less than a mile from my home and it just shut off as if you just turned the key switch off. I was able to crank it up right after that so I got the car out of the road, after that the car would not turn over or release the key from the ignition. I went and purchased a new battery from Walmart since the other one was getting weak. I installed the battery but the car would only turn over reach 1000 rpms at start but will not continue to run I had the car towed to my home. I called a guy at the local Pontiac dealership and he said the security feature had been enabled, and to shut the car off the turn the key to the on postion as if you were going to crank it but dont turn it over. Let the key sit for 12 mins. This worked to remove the key from the ignition and the security light did go away but car still just starts up reaches 1000 rpms at start and will not continue to run. I have gotten the car to run a few times and the car runs fine till the coolant sensor would reach about 210 and shut the car down, even if you let the car sit for hours to cool the orginal problem returned ( reach 1000 RPMS but not run). If any one knows whats going on with this please let me know. I have searched the internet for answers and I get a lot of answers from coolant sensors, cam sensors, temp sensors, ECM failure, ignition module failure, fuel pump failure, fuel relay bad, coil pack bad. I haven't started replacing these due to I just don't wont to throw parts at the car and hope it works and the problem would still exist plus some of these are quit expensive parts. I found one person on the internet with a similar problem and someone said the relay on fuel pump was bad and to bend pin 85 back on the relay to put the pump in high speed that didn't work for me. Anyone with a real solution let me know, if not it's tow it to the dealership and hope they can fix the problem for around $200 parts not included.
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what worries me the most is the overheating and the damage that may have happened from that alone. the starting and shutting off can be several problems. i would look into the overheat first as I think you have internal damage to the motor. coolant and fuel do not mix well. take it to a shop and have it evaluated first before doing anything. 200 is not realistic at all. i think adding a zero is more realistic.

Hey thanks for the reply. I didn't mean $200 to fix at first, I got head of myself there. The $200 was just to find out what the problem is, not fix it and that's what the dealership wants. I got a question for you since your creditability seems quite impressive. The last time I started the car on the front of the manifold appeared wet- like but this went away as the vehicle warmed up. Do you think that this is a sign of a cracked head, even though I don't have the apparent white smoke coming from the tail pipe. The engine runs clean, whenever you can get it to start. That is until it heats up to 200 or so then it shuts off like I described earlier on about the car. If you know of a good shop to take it to that want just throw parts at the car a say it's fixed let me know. I stay in Georgia.
check your oil to see if it is milky you might an intake leak or head gasket.pull the plugs out and pressure test cooling system if any coolant blows out the cylinders it could be a head gasket
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