Q: car will not crank on 1995 Nissan Quest

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my car started turning off when i would put it in drive and press the gas, but i assumed iti was b/c i need my front motor mount replace. But later today I tried to turn the van on but it wouldn't start. My lights turn on so i know it isnt the battery. I sat for a moment and tried it agian, it started. What can be the problem
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Does the engine crank over when it "wont start"? If not it sounds like a starter.If this car has a blue colored starter relay I have seen them give problems on Nissans around this time, relay is out in the engine compartment, you need a wiring diagram to test for voltage when the car is cranked over and that is transfers power out to the starter. If you know you have a bad front engine mount I have seen the air induction boot from the air filter housing to the throttle housing split and cause stalling. It so hard to guess without being able to do any sort of diagnoses or experience the problem first hand.