Q: car will crank,will not run. replaced 7x/3x crank sensor,tps, fuel pump filter on 1995 Chevrolet Lumina

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has spark, coil packs seem to ohm out good,trigger voltage from module with test light(only tested middle pack)wires ohm good,3 sparks plug were oil cover didnt look like they were firing.. checked wires grounds. at 1st when car was hot and i'd go to back up a soon as i went into reverse it would die,and wouldnt wanna crank back as if battery was weak dead(was old bat),that happend a couple of time i threw a new battery in. couple days later happened again,had alternator checked,fine. drove good for a week then lost all horsepower driving,no rpm on tach. but i did have powersteering!! turned it off and hasnt ran since!! help!
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Fuel pressure fine. Figured out its the timing chain..... was able to get it running barely a couple times using the key to pressurize the fuel line a couple of times had it up to 1100rpm at one time.... does anyone know this engine? What are the chances I've damaged the engine?(slamming pistons into valves). Or perhaps there's enough clearance and with good compression I didn't hit anything. Thanks!
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