Q: car will crank only !!!it isn't getting fire or fuel..replaced crankshaft sensor on 2003 Nissan Altima

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car will crank over but its not getting any fire or fuel, we changed the crankshaft sensor, checked the wiring, tried everything we could think of..Cant figure out why cant get fire or fuel..what am I missing...any thoughts would be appreciated..also wondered if it could be the security system or transponder key???how can I make was started and went about 600 ft and wouldn't start back if that helps any....thanks in advance
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try starter fluid . if it cranks over that way you know its more then likely your fuel pump or your filter. if dirty ... take it off and blow through it till its not hard to blow through or possably it could by your timing chain. hope that helps. also on my truck this happened and it was my fuel pump relay box and i had a wire grounding out between the relay box to the reset bottom for the fuel pump