Q: Car vibrates on the right passenger side on 2002 Ford Escort

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Just bought a 2002 Ford Escort 4 door 80,000 miles. It test drove nicely and the seller's mechanic verified that the car has been excellently taken care of. When I drove it a little while ago, I noticed that the car vibrates a bit on the front passenger side close to the motor. When the glove compartment was not shut tightly enough, I could see the compartment door moving a lot and it was vibrating so loud. Then I shut it harder and it was better but there was still a bit of vibration on the front right side of the car. My landlord looked under the hood and noticed that this type of car has a lot of things compacted on that side. Is this because there is a lot of components on that side of the motor? Should I just get used to more action on that side? Otherwise it seems like a nice car. Appreciate any advice you have, again I just bought this car and really hoping it will be ok.
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Thank you. I will look into that. Do you have any ballpark figure on what having that fixed would cost?
IS the vibration sitting at idle or as you stated 'while driving' ? what speed 40MPH+... check tire balance, maybe.?
Thanks I actually got an answer from the seller's car mechanic and some online comments about this model. The vibration happens sitting at idle when the car is in "drive" gear. By putting the car in neutral when idling (recommended by online comments from people who have the same problem with this car)
the vibration goes away. The seller's mechanic said all engine mounts have been replaced and the vibration is a design defect of the 2002 Ford Escort (2Xsomething don't have that info with me at the moment) but not a safety or mechanical defect, read online there is no balance shaft where the motor is placed, and some people even went to the Ford dealer and were told there is no solution for the vibration. So I don't mind putting the car in neutral when idling since I used to drive a stick shift. Otherwise the car has been driving well, just needed the alternator replaced today, was told that is normal after 10 years for that part.
Changing these can be DIY for you not very difficult Here it is
Place the car jack under the Ford's oil pan and position the wooden block on the jack lifting point. Raise the jack up to the oil pan and raise the engine two inches to free the securing bolts. Remove one securing bolt using the ratchet.
Tools needed: (Torque wrench would be nice but is optional) Just replace the top passenger one for now.
Things You'll Need
Car jack
2 jack stands
2 x 2 wooden block
Phillips-head screwdriver
Ratchet set
New motor mounts
Torque wrench

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Pull the motor mount from the fitting and slide the new mount into place where the old mount was. Insert the securing bolt and tighten the bolt using the ratchet set. Repeat for the other motor mount. Lower the engine using the car jack and remove the jack from underneath the Ford's engine.

Torque the motor-mount securing bolts to the manufacturer's specifications using the torque wrench. Replace the mount covers and get out from under the engine. Using the car jack, remove the jack stands and lower the Ford to the ground.

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Thank you, I will mention this to a mechanic - I am a single female with no car repair skills. I hope they won't charge me too much for what should be inexpensive.
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