Q: Car stuck in park mode on 2005 Dodge Magnum

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Tried several times to get car out of park mode,also tried the brake interlock override - no luck.
(3) Answers
Next to the gear shift is a little compartment you can put pens, misc things in. Pull out the rubber lining. There is a hole going from compartment towards gear shift. If you put your finger in it and push on the pink tab, you will be able to pull it out of park. I've brought my car into Dodge and of course it would shift out of park for them. They said they had no idea on what I was talking about (lying) and maybe it was me doing something wrong. I believe this tab is a safety mechanism so the car will not go into park when driving. This at least helps get the car out of park for now, until they acknowledge the problem and put out a recall.
I had the same problem with mine. the brake override is on the right side of the gear selector. The thing that is keeping yours stuck in park is the pink piece of plastic. When you turn on the key, it is supposed to drop out of the way. Unfortuneantly, there are three ways to get around this. One: buy a new selector. Two, cut off the little protrusion that is in the way. Or, three: find a piece of low tension spring that will fit over the cable that goes back to the ignition switch. If you get it just right, this will put just enough tension on the lock to push it down out of the way. (Just don't make it with too much tension, or it will be too hard on the ignition switch.) This is what I did, and it still works fine.
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