Q: Car starts intermittently and also will not shift into gear, intermittently. on 2003 Honda Accord

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My radio comes on and completely goes out while driving. The lights on my gear pad sometimes light up while driving and sometimes not. My car was doing the above, but then was fine for 2 weeks. I tap my breaks to get to go into Reverse from Park, but sometimes that doesn't work right away. Any idea what this is?
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seek to diagnose hard to give you advice when we don't see or hear anything but maybe your transmission shift solenoid have problem, you can bring the car to local transmission shop.
So this is why my car starts normally sometimes and then won't start at first, at other times?? I understand that this could be why my gear shift won't unlock, but my original question was also about the starting issue.
starting issue are different problems.sometimes starts okay you said i would take a look the main relay to fuel pump common problem to honda
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