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Q: Car starts, but shuts off on it's own. on 1996 Toyota Celica

i know it's a long story, but plesase read it and help me out. we can't figure out what is wrong!

my fiance was flushing my radiator the other night, and he filled it back up and everything, then it wouldn't start??? we had 3 guys helping to find what was wrong with it, even a family mechanic came to check it out. none of them could figure out what is wrong!!!

when i try to start it, it will start (sometimes) and then it will turn right back off by itself. we found that if you keep giving it gas, it'll stay on, but once you let off the gas, even just a little bit, it'll turn off. when it turns off, all of the electricity stays on, so it's getting power.

last night, we replace the spark plugs & wires, distributor cap, and the rotor button and it still won't work. our mechanic went to the fuel pump, thinking it's not getting enough gas to stay running, but he's still not sure if that could be it. he had the fuel pressure 'reader', but he couln't find where it was suppossed to hook up ANYWHERE on my car.this mechanic knows what he's doing, he's been doing it for YEARS, so the problem isn't the mechanic.

also, (if this might have anything to do with what's wrong with my car) last night, i got in my car, and for poops and giggles, i started it up. it stayed on and i even put it in drive and reverse and it didn't shut off. once the needle on my temperature gauge got RIGHT above the cold line, it shut off??? do you think it's a sensor problem??? also, ever morning on my way to work, when i get onto the interstate, i can't go any faster than 60mph because my car won't shift and my rmp gauge goes all the way up to 4000rpm (which i know it is NOT suppossed to be way up there). it won't shift into gear until the temperature gauge gets right above the cold line. WTH??? PLEASE HELP ME!
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first of all, the obd conncector is behind the ash tray in the center of the dash. early hondas all had them there till around 2000.
Make sure your fiance did not knock off the coolant sensor wires back by the thermostat. there is also a ground wire there for the pcm.
the trnasmission sounds like it has a problem with shifting. you need to have that checked at a shop. that could be an internal issue.

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