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Q: Car stalls while driving on 1994 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

The past 2 days my car will stall while driving about 10-12 miles. Yesterday it would only go a mile or so before it stalled out. Usually after aminute or so (few minutes sometimes) it will fire right back up...a little rough. Today we replaced the fuel pump, fuel filter and the O2 sensor. BF took it around the block and again it died. What else could this be? He is cleaning all the sensors and checking for anything loose. he did find a plug that is red that says 14ped on it that is not connected to anything and cant seem to find a connection for it. He is unsure if its always been like that or not. He also noticed that some of the sensor wires were routed odd. Touching parts of the engine etc. Possibly causing them to get too hot? This is all so frustrating cuz everything seems to be good. When we do drive it, the car drives great until it stalls out.

Any ideas?
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could be a clogged catalytic convertor, it's tricky because usually replacing the coil will fix the problem temporarily, but the ignition coil will eventually fail again. Have your local discount muffler shop weld a new universal catalytic converter on before trying to replace the coil. The stalling is caused by the engine sucking for clean air because the back pressure from the exhaust will sttall the engine.
My Mech won't mention crank sensor, would rather i replace, alternator, Fuel pump, throttle, body, which i did, i know it's a simple wire ore plug, or the Crank sensor, He fixed my problem by idling my car up so high it was jerking my universals out, i had to go back and get him to turn it down, now, car stalling again, doing the same things before i had all the above plus, done to it. i liked your anwer though, Late! mark
I had a similar problem on a 1994 olds 3.1 cutlass Sierra!! It started as a stalling issue when the car warmed up and quickly turned into a no start or very hard start then stall, like it jumped timing! I checked all of the above answers and they were not the problem!!!Then found that the cam sensor was dead by using a multimeter to check the middle wire for pulse while i manually turned over the engine with a wrench! Every two revolutions u should see a 10.5 to 12 volt spike and then 0! Mine was crap! Then I found that my crank sensor wire had fried on the exaust manifold, and this in turne fried my ignition controle module!! Problem solved!!!
I would look at the Crank Sensor ASAP. These can cause your symptoms. Have you retrieved the codes yet, they can be helpful. How old are your plugs, wires etc. ?
Not sure how old they all are. BF checked plugs wires sensors last night and they all looked ok. I will mention the crank sensor to him today. He is off today so guess what he gets to do on his day off?

Edited to add. He check the crank shaft senor and some how oil has been getting into it. It was HORRIBLE he said. So he is on his way to the auto parts store to replace it. Said there was no just cleaning it. I hope hope hope this solves the issue.

Edited again well he replaced the sensor and she runs smoothly now. he took it for a 30 minute drive, got gas, ran the ac and let it heat up. Nothing!! YAY! Thanks so much for your input. He honestly said he would have never thought it was this. We looked at the old one and it had 2 very small hair line cracks on it.
Again thank you!
my 96 Oldsmobile cutlass surprime dose the same thang but i can go 15 miles and it you think it could be the same thing?
Hey man, I had the same problems with my plymouth, bought, fuel pump, throttle body, vapor lock, still kept jerking me and shutting off, i would put it in neutral to rev eng. so it wouldn't shut off, eventually though even that didn't work, that wirre, could have been from an old alarm system that is no longer installed but causing a short> happened to my last car, worth a thought anyway, Sounds like a relay, spark plug, fuel filter, When is the last time U checked Tranny fluid? Also, the wheather Humidity, affects those sensors, so it could drive fine one day and not or very little the next, hate to hear you reliving my nightmare, Hope i helped at all in some way? Late! Mark
Ps: something as simple as blown fuse could be your problem. good luck!
I have the same car doing the same thing. Got engine test it says its the camshaft sensor but i cant find out how to replace it with out an expensive mechanic
my bf was able to replace it himself. It was a pain in the butt he had to take off the front tire on the passenger side and get under the car but he did it. He researched how to do it on the net before he did it. though. Plus he is very car smart so he was able to do it.
try the fuel pressure regulator. i have replaced everything except that and the oil fuel takeover pressure sensor ( it takes over the fuel pump 12v from the ecm and will kill the fuel pump on the car if oil pressure is too low. if bad the pump runs intermittent and the pressure drops stalling the car ) p.s. i have the same problems too.
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