Q: car stalling out without warning maybe a stumble or two on 2004 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

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1st the check engine light came on I had O'Rielly check it meter read bad gas cap I replaced then reset computer and no problem for a while after about a month cel came back on and then a couple days later when driving car just shut shut down would turn over but not fire up wanted to it sounded but would not I checked wires nothing loose I disc. batt. let computer reset hooked back up car started right up again no problem for a while then onway home the other night at stop light car started stumbling I pumped gas car would on and off run for a few miles then finally stopped but this time it did start and stumbeld me home again reset computer went too pick wife up onway home same thing 1st stall out reset start then stumble and got me home car out of warrantie but dealer said maybe cam or crank position sensor or mass air flow sensor you know bring in hook up for 110.00 no refund towards repair any ideas anyone I sure would appreciate the help I did notice that the is it the maf sensor that plugs into air duct between filter and maflow is very loose cant see no wire breakage but loose I have a short ram intake with open cone filter and 3" tube
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the piece on mine has 2 wires black and tan when I pulled it out of tube it is just a small rubber like cylinder with kind of 3 prong spark plug end showing a round silver something inside the wiring harness runs to a piece that is mounted on top off mass air flow which one is the sensor? when I looked at them on line the mass air flow sensors it is hard tell possibly more like they bolt into top with 2 tork screws? Hey man I just talked with a friend that had a similiar problem on a Dodge he told me the maf sensor did indeed attach on top of maf unit and the connection too the tube is some sort of air flow p/u to help sensor 1st thing he said was to block off hole I told you was in factory screen with smaller gauge wire then remove sensor and clean good with some maf cleaner let dry and replace the short ram I bought off e-bay has cheap paper cone filter that could have let something through then also through hole in factory screen and into sensor last throw paper cone filter away and replace with good K&N filter worked on his and a hell of a lot cheaper plus a little labor on my part and maybe YEA success What do you think Professor? Thanks for your help!!!!!!!!1
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