Q: Car stalled while driving,will not start,cranks but will not turn over on 2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser

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PTCruiser has 105,000 miles. Car stalled suddenly, now itwill not start. It cranks but will not turn over
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If the engine is turning over and not starting you have to know if you are getting fuel and spark. Turn the key to on and listen for the fuel pump to run. Next see if you are getting spark to the spark plugs. If both of these are present, do you notice if the engine turns faster now then it did before this problem if so you may have a timing belt that jumped time. also scan for codes to see if any cam and crank sensor are in sync. let us know what you find out from these things and we can help more from there.
Thanks for the quick response , I will try both and let you know, Is there any way to know if the timing belt broke?
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